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Since 2004 Envirocon has been supplying high-quality precast concrete blocks made from recycled concrete to the New Zealand market.

We use great design to develop products that empower our customers to be more efficient and more sustainable.

Our unique concrete block wall systems deliver a unique combination of benefits – they’re fast to install, deliver unrivalled durability, and are backed up by comprehensive engineering systems.

These interlocking block systems enable civil engineers, architects, and builders to meet the demands of
their customers and implement sustainable solutions.

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  • 600mm solid concrete block.
  • Precast concrete construction system with a unique interlocking key.
  • Blocks can be unstacked with ease and moved for reuse, or on sold when no longer needed.
  • All our premium blocks come with comprehensive warranties, we even offer a unique Buyback Guarantee.
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Interbloc is a precast concrete construction system. The heart of the system has mass concrete blocks with a unique interlocking design. This design allows Interbloc to self align during the install process, delivering an incredibly fast build time.

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  • 400mm solid concrete blocks.
  • Precast retaining wall system with a unique interlocking key, designed specifically for walls up to 2m.
  • Provides 90 degree vertical retaining on the boundary.
  • All blocks come with comprehensive warranties.
  • Varying types of blocks and facades.

Stonebloc is a precast concrete retaining wall system of interlocking concrete blocks designed specifically for walls up to 2m high. Stonebloc are easy to stack ensuring an incredibly fast build time, and with 400mm thick solid concrete they form a super durable wall.

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Why Use Our Concrete Block Solutions?

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Sustainable Concrete

Our blocks are made from recycled concrete, allowing you to easily earn sustainability accreditations.

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Flexible Design

Our concrete blocks are easy to design with, can be reconfigured on site, reused for another application, or sold back to us through our Buyback Scheme.

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Engineered Solutions

We can provide you with an engineered solution to suit any application, no matter how simple or complex.

What We Build


Interbloc retaining walls
Retaining walls
Settlement Pond
Settlement ponds


A wide view of aggregate storage being constructued using concrete blocks.
Bulk storage
Glass Cullet in an Interbloc bay
Refuse & recycling


White painted Interbloc bays for silage
Silage bins
PKE & Feed bins


Stonebloc Retaining wall
Retaining walls


It’s Official: Stonebloc is 10% Better Than Timber
Envirocon’s annual price check against common retaining wall methods has just delivered yet another great reason to make the transition to Stonebloc retaining.  Stonebloc is now, on average, 10% cheaper than timber retaining according to independent cost comparisons undertaken by QV Costbuilder, a division of Quotable Value.  This is the second annual independent price check […]
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Two Sustainable Block Solutions to Suit Any Project
We understand that navigating sustainable practices in construction can be time-consuming and confusing. This is why we take care of sustainability for you. By specifying Envirocon’s interlocking blocks, designers and construction companies can immediately earn sustainability accreditations for their clients. They’ll also save time and money – which are two common roadblocks to becoming more […]
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Stonebloc, The Timber Retaining Alternative
Retaining contractors traditionally use timber to build the majority of retaining walls. Timber was a cheap and easy to source construction material. Generic designs made specifying and building a timber wall easy. However, for all the convenience of using timber for retaining walls, there are more than a few downsides. It is a slow system […]
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Envirocon’s approach to engineering

As a proprietary system, Envirocon has developed comprehensive engineering systems for the Interbloc and Stonebloc products.

At the heart of both systems is a mass concrete block. The mass of the block is supplemented with an interlocking design that provides a shear key in both horizontal directions – essentially stopping the blocks from sliding off each other. Combined, the shear key and mass of the block form a gravity-based wall. The wall can be further reinforced using:

  • Vertical steel reinforcement – Tying the wall together and into the underlying foundation using vertical steel reinforcing bars to create a cantilever wall.
  • Geogrid – Tying the wall into the retained material using cast in geogrid to create a Mechanically Stabilised Wall.

Envirocon’s Design Services

Envirocon offers a range of engineering design services. Based on the requirements of the project, we offer the following levels of design support:

1. Generic engineering and proprietary knowledge – best suited for low height, non-structural
applications or where the customer is price sensitive.
2. Geotechnical design – using Geo5 design software for the calculation of wall designs will provide a
record of design verification, but will not meet PS1 standard.
3. Specific engineering design – we engage our consulting engineer to develop a project-specific
design with an accompanying producer statement.

Case Studies

Southbase Concrete Weights
Fulton Hogan has a long history of operations as one of the founding contracting businesses in New Zealand. More recently, Fulton Hogan has extended its operations into Australia and is rapidly growing a presence and reputation as a major contractor who delivers what they promise.
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Fulton Hogan
Fulton Hogan has a long history of operations as one of the founding contracting businesses in New Zealand. More recently, Fulton Hogan has extended its operations into Australia and is rapidly growing a presence and reputation as a major contractor who delivers what they promise.
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Well Connected
Well Connected Alliance has been tasked with constructing an infrastructure development that ranks as the largest roading project ever seen in the country.
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Practical Sustainability is at the Heart of What We Do

Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for asset owners, engineers, and construction companies.

It is also a term that means different things to different people. It often carries connotations of added cost or increased complexity. This is complicated by political, regulatory, and social initiatives to drive change in an industry which is deeply rooted in tried and tested methodologies.

As a result the market is littered with conflicting advice and systems for implementing sustainability.

Envirocon takes the circular economy approach to delivering practical sustainability.

Technical definitions aside, the concept of the circular economy is about using resources with ever more efficiency. Asset owners, engineers, and construction companies are constantly challenged to deliver high quality structures at the lowest possible cost.

Envirocon products are an example of the epitome of the circular economy approach;

● We high quality excess concrete from the old, linear economy and turn it into valuable precast concrete products.
● We use great design to create products that deliver a unique combination of benefits for our customers – speed of install [delivering lower labour costs], strength and durability grounded in traditional engineering [achieving safety and structural integrity outcomes], and flexibility to modify the structure as business evolves [maximising resource efficiency].
● At the end of a structure’s life, the product can be non-destructively dismantled and reused over and over again. In fact we’re so confident in our product we offer a unique buyback guarantee.

We’ve taken the hard work and cost out of sustainability. By simply choosing our products, you contributing to a better world. Read here on how you can easily get accredited to be recognised.

Envirocon pouring concrete into an Interbloc mould from a concrete stock
Upcycled Concrete
White Interbloc Buyback Guarentee Logo with blue background
Buy Back Scheme

Concrete Block FAQ's

Our Stonebloc system is based on a standard concrete block with dimensions 800mm wide, 400mm high and 400mm deep. In addition, there is a range of bases, edges, and finishing pieces that allow designers to easily create strong, stable concrete block retaining walls.

Our Interbloc system is based on a standard concrete block 1200mm wide, 600mm high, and 600mm depth. These dimensions allow the interlocking block system to function as a stable gravity retaining wall, or be paired with various reinforcement options.

Our standard 1200mm Interbloc weighs approx.. 1040kg, whereas our standard 800mm Stonebloc weighs around 300kg. While heavy lifting is required for both, Stonebloc can be moved into areas without vehicle access.

We are able to arrange transportation on your behalf, or can arrange for pickup by your transport provider from one of our depots (either Auckland or Hamilton). Please see our Transportation Guidelines for more on delivery around Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

Yes, we sell direct to consumers through our online ecommerce store. Please check that you have your order quantity correctly calculated before placing your order. Once your order has been received we will contact you to arrange transportation.

Interbloc concrete block prices range from $125 to $220 (ex. GST) per block for our standard 1200mm to 1800mm blocks, with pricing variations for different sizes, top/bottom blocks, and finishing pieces.

This translates to a per meter wall cost of around $216 per m2, including labour, which is often significantly cheaper than timber, masonry, precast or gabion wall systems in New Zealand.

Stonebloc concrete block prices starts from around $130 per block in New Zealand. For a 1.8m retaining wall, this translates to a per meter wall cost of around $385, including labour, which is more competitive than both timber and keystone retaining wall alternatives.

Our blocks are made from 100% recycled concrete. The concrete is acquired through our Product Stewardship Scheme and our industry partners. This means that projects using our Interbloc or Stonebloc products can qualify for a range of sustainability accreditations, depending on their industry.

We have a grading scale which determines the price of buy back based on a percentage of the purchase price. Please see the Buyback Guarantee T&Cs for specific pricing.

Stonebloc is sized appropriately for residential construction and landscape architecture applications. The texture of the Stonebloc façade can also be customised to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Interbloc is designed specifically to be used in large scale civil and construction infrastructure projects, although Stonebloc is also often used in projects where aesthetics are important.

Yes we can. We’re able to provide you with either a generic design based off our inhouse expertise in this proprietary design, a geotechnical design which provides a record of design verification, or a fully engineered design and accompanying producer statement.

Yes, we can manufacture our blocks to meet the colour, finish and MPa specification required for your project.

"We had a small crisis at work, our loading bank for chip and residues was falling. The would stop our operation. The team at Interbloc gave us a solution that we could dismantle and rebuild our wall in 1½ days. The advice was good, the service prompt and the result was great. I would recommend Interbloc when you need a fast, stable wall for a competitive price."
Conrad Whittle


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