200 Stonebloc Capper Block

This is a 200mm x 400 x 800mm capper Stonebloc block that weighs 150kg and has a certified central lifting anchor.

You may need a combination of different types of Stonebloc blocks to build a retaining wall, please refer to our retaining manual. In certain cases a specific engineering design is required for consent purposes - you can enquire about this here.

Please note you will require 1 x 1.3t Lifting Klaw for this product (sold separately).

What Can I Use This Block For?

Why Stonebloc?
  • Super fast install time
  • Stackable blocks for strong structures
  • Safe, certified lifting points
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • Independently tested by the University of Auckland
  • Vertical on the boundary to maximise land
  • Unique split stone look

Enduring, timeless retaining with Stonebloc.

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Dimensions:200x400x800mm Weight:150kg SKU:4SB200ECAPTG

The Stonebloc System

All of the Stonebloc concrete blocks have been designed to interlock, giving you the ability to create various wall designs. 

You can use the 200 Stonebloc Capper block on it’s own, or you can combine it with other Stonebloc blocks. Imagine what you can build!

CarbonSmart® Sustainability

CarbonSmart means ultra low embodied carbon, and zero waste to the landfill. 

Stonebloc delivers a 97% reduction in embodied carbon relative to the average carbon cost associated with concrete production*. 

High Productivity Construction

Stonebloc walls self align and stack together with ease, meaning two people and a 3.5t+ excavator can install up to 120m2 of wall per day. A simple levelling foundation is required in most situations, and inspections are only required once the wall has been fully constructed.

Detailed, project-specific, installation guides are provided at purchase including a colour-coded block layout plan to simplify the installation process.

Locally Manufactured

Stonebloc is manufactured locally and we’re continuously expanding our national presence to bring manufacturing even closer to our customers. In doing so we’re

  • Reducing the cost of freight
  • Delivering sustainability benefits to local communities
  • Increasing response times
  • Creating local jobs
Steve & Sopa's Stonebloc Retaining Wall

Pokeno’s uneven landscape makes retaining walls a must for many homeowners. Steve & Sopa are part of this group, searching for a solution for their newly built home.

Commercial Retaining in Warkworth

The Morrison family is well-known in the Warkworth community, having owned land near the township for many years. In recent years Bevan Morrison has been converting the family land to industrial and commercial developments to support the town's rapid growth.

South Taranaki District Council Seawall

Stonebloc’s flexibility lends to creative design. There is no better example of this than the South Taranaki District Council’s (STDC) seawall at Opunake Beach.

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