The Solutions

Side profiles of Stonebloc retaining walls at an infill development

Infill Development

Infill housing developments have limited space and a tight build programme. Stoneblocwalls can be progressively and quickly built using existing labour and equipment resources onsite, providing unparalleled flexibility. 

Drone shot of a large development that is using Stonebloc retaining walls

Greenfield Development

Unprecedented housing demand requires maximum land utilisation and fast build times. Stonebloc’s vertical walls on the boundary, speed of build, and high aesthetic value ticks all the boxes. 

Stonebloc retaining wall in the middle of construction for a commercial development

Commercial Development

Commercial developments require walls that can withstand high load surcharges, and meet tight project timelines. Stonebloc generic designs cover loads up to 12kpa, with project specific designs allowing up to 24kpa.

Customised Stonebloc retaining wall that has been painted black outside of a show home

Bespoke Development

Our unique and flexible manufacturing system allows us to provide a high degree of customisation, including unique facial designs and coloured concrete.

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Who's Used Our Residential Solutions

Development Examples

Sections created on the AV Jennings greenfield developemtn with Stonebloc retaining wall blocks

AV Jennings

AV Jennings is a large Australasian developer responsible for the Hobsonville Point development. Their latest development - Ara Hills in Orewa - used Stonebloc in over 1280m2 of retaining in stage one. Dempsey Wood installed the walls.

Profile view of a textured Stoenbloc retaining wall next to a planted garden

Summerset Papamoa

Summerset is a leading retirement village developer and operator in NZ. Their latest Bay of Plenty developed utilised Stonebloc for 480m2 of retaining throughout the development, delivering a unique aesthetic.

Zoomed out shot of Stonebloc retaining walls at an infill development

St Leonard's Road

William’s Corporation is a rapidly growing development company specialising in infill housing across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Stonebloc is used extensively throughout their Auckland developments including St Leonards Road.

Stonebloc retaining wall and balustrade sitting behind newly-planted hedges

Lowtherhurst Road

Another William’s Corporation development, Lowtherhurst Road demonstrates the capacity of Stonebloc walls with high density housing within close proximity to Stonebloc walls and leveraging the unique aesthetic appeal of the blocks.