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Envirocon's CarbonSmart® Solutions

For over 18 years, Envirocon has been perfecting a unique circular economy solution to the issue of excess ready mix concrete. Excess ready concrete is usable concrete left over from a pour. It is a high quality, valuable resource. However it is also highly perishable with a limited timeframe to be reused before it becomes waste and needs to be ‘recycled’.

Pre-Envirocon, it was a significant waste issue because our world is literally built on concrete. In New Zealand we produce over 10 millions tonnes per year. About 300,000 tonnes - or seven sky towers worth - of this high quality, certified, concrete will end up as waste, simply because it can not be used before it dries. 

But waste in the construction sector isn’t just limited to concrete. Bad design of traditional building materials creates waste during the build process and at the end of life of the structure through destructive dismantling. 

Eliminating this waste is why Envirocon exists.

We work with NZ’s leading concrete companies to close the loop on concrete waste for good. 

Success requires capturing excess concrete in a usable form, and creating products which can be mass produced and mass marketed. Matching seemingly unpredictable supply with mass market demand is our core competency. 

We do this through our Interbloc and Stonebloc precast wall systems. At the core of the  systems are proprietary block designs. The block designs look simple enough, but when you dive deeper they deliver a powerful combination of benefits. 

Interbloc and Stonebloc Concrete Blocks

They start life with ultra low embodied carbon, and continue to reabsorb carbon over their life. 

They reduce time, labour, and materials waste during installation.

They deliver unparalleled durability, increasing the life of the structure. 

They can be non-destructively dismantled and reused at the end of life.

We’re calling this approach the CarbonSmart® - Low Carbon, Zero Waste sustainability system.

Envirocon’s CarbonSmart system delivers a comprehensive circular economy solution for all asset owners, developers, civil, and construction companies. 

  • Scale: Envirocon operates 36,000 tonnes of capacity per year and is growing that at a rate of 420t per week. 
  • National Footprint: Our network has 4 sites across New Zealand, and we’re opening three sites a year for the next few years. 
  • Orthodox Engineering: Our construction systems are backed by orthodox engineering principles and are fully compliant with all NZ codes. 
  • Easy Sustainability: Envirocon’s systems are deliberately designed for simple sustainability  - To achieve the changes New Zealand needs, it has to be easy.
  • High Productivity Construction: Interbloc and Stonebloc are designed as low labour, high speed construction systems to help boost productivity in our construction sector. 
  • Non-Destructive Dismantling:Interbloc and Stonebloc structures can be non-destructively dismantled. 
  • Endless Reuse, and Unique Buyback Guarantee:Our blocks can be endlessly reused, and we offer a unique buyback guarantee on Interbloc  so when you no longer need them, we’ll take them back. 

Want to know more? Find out how we can offer a customized, comprehensive circular economy solution on your next project.

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