1200 Interbloc Capper Block

Interblocstackable interlocking concrete blocks are perfect for permanent or temporary applications. Whether you need them for heavy-duty weights and bollards, or as a retaining wall or retention bin, our multi-use mass blocks deliver. 

The blocks are stacked on top of each other with ease to form durable structures. The walls can be reinforced with our fixing kits after installation to increase the wall capacity. All blocks have a certified central lifting anchor. The lifting point can also be used as an anchoring point for ropes and straps. 

This is a standard 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm capping block and weighs 580 kgs The block is primarily used for finishing walls to prevent the build-up of material on the top of walls. 

Please note you will require 1 x 2.5t Lifting Klaw for this product (sold separately).

What Can I Use This Block For?

Why Interbloc?

  • Super fast install time
  • Stackable blocks for strong structures
  • Safe, certified lifting points
  • 15 years experience
  • Comprehensive warranties

Build Faster, Stronger, Safer with Interbloc.

Dimensions :600x 600 x 1200mm Weight:1000Kg SKU:6IB1200ECAPPG

The current lead time for producing the Interbloc range is 8 weeks. 

Fulton Hogan Silverdale

When additional aggregate storage was required at Fulton Hogan’s asphalt manufacturing plant in Silverdale, the company specified Interbloc. It was a no-brainer - Fulton Hogan has extensive experience utilising the Interbloc system throughout the country for similar purposes.

Settlement Pond for the Waterview Tunnel

Interbloc was contracted to supply blocks for the project and build a two-bay settling pond owing to a few key factors.

Liveable Streets

Liveable Streets is a joint venture between HEB Construction and Higgins Contracting. Its primary goal is to deliver the Central East Road Corridor Maintenance Contract for Auckland Transport.

Wyatt's Landscape Supplies

Wyatt Landscape Supplies is the latest addition to the Wyatts Haulage group based in Warkworth, north of Auckland. Key to setting up and running a landscape supplies yard is a well organised site for you and your clients to navigate easily, and the flexibility to rearrange bins as demand for materials change.

Fulton Hogan Quarry Hopper

One of Fulton Hogan’s customers in Christchurch required a 6m high hopper pit for a quarry, where aggregates will be dumped and processed. The hopper is loaded from the top by truck and trailer which is then fed into a conveyor system that went through a screening plant. The project also required a ramp up to and down off the hopper for a truck and trailer which also needed to be loaded manually from one side.

Visy- OI

Since 1922, O-I New Zealand (O-I NZ) has supported the local food and beverage industries – particularly New Zealand’s renowned wine industry.  Today, the facility employs around 250 people and consists of three furnaces and six production lines which produce almost 200,000 packed tonnes of glass products or around 665 million containers each year.

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