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Glass Cullet Storage Bins for OI


Since 1922, O-I New Zealand (O-I NZ) has supported the local food and beverage industries – particularly New Zealand’s renowned wine industry.  Today, the facility employs around 250 people and consists of three furnaces and six production lines which produce almost 200,000 packed tonnes of glass products or around 665 million containers each year.

When looking for a storage solution O-I NZ listed the following attributes as key to the selection,

  • Durability as glass has a harsh reaction with contact surfaces i.e. its abrasive
  • Flexibility as the volume of recycled glass (cullet) varies throughout the production cycle
  • Stability as contamination destroys the value of their product.
  • Health & Safety is paramount so the containment solution has to be highly stable
  • Cost effective and engineered to high standards
  • Supports the company’s corporate sustainability mission statement

A big challenge is separating out the different colours and grades of glass. “If we can separate the glass into specific colour groupings this allows the plant to maximise their cullet usage” Penny explains. “The batch and furnace manager needs to know exactly what type of glass is going into the mix and Interbloc’s flexible storage solutions helps us to provide this certainty.


Initially Interbloc produced bulk storage bins for O-I NZ’s cullet yard during O-I NZ’s substantial redevelopment in 2009/10. The flexibility of the system impressed Penny, who has subsequently used the blocks for both temporary and permanent storage throughout O-I NZ’s storage facilities. “It’s efficient, reliable, and flexible – that is why we choose Interbloc” explains Penny, “and the service is excellent”.

Interbloc is a well-established player in the flexible storage solutions market supplying to both rural and industrial clients. They have a track record of success with over 10 years’ experience and are a specialist in their field. Interbloc has been recognised by the Ministry for the Environment for its sustainable business practices and has been able to expand its footprint over the last 10 years round New Zealand and into Australia. “We supply blocks for large complex site installations” says Scott Bright Managing Director, “but also can cater to smaller client requirements where they can install the solution themselves”. The Interbloc business model means they can provide a cost effective solution for those on a budget and build engineered solutions for clients who have strict guidelines that they must comply with.


Having a safe and durable solution is paramount but also having the flexibility to configure as the business needs change is the icing on the cake for many clients. This extends the life of the product well beyond many traditional bulk storage and containment offerings.

O-I NZ is committed to sustainability at both a national, and international, level. It actively seeks to include as much recycled glass in the manufacturing process as possible, with a worldwide goal of achieving 60% average recycled material. Essentially when you put a bottle in the recycling bin it will most likely end up at O-I NZ in the form of cullet to be incorporated into the manufacturing process for new container glass. Managing the cullet is not without its challenges. Interbloc’s business practices and values align with those of O-I NZ and are also committed to sustainability. Interbloc has met the market with an ongoing program of innovation in product design and cost effective delivery and installation of its solutions for retaining walls, bulk storage, feed bins, temporary structures and many other applications.

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