November 08, 2021 2 min read

Flexible Bulk Storage Wins for Wyatts

Wyatt Landscape Supplies is the latest addition to the Wyatts Haulage group based in Warkworth, north of Auckland. Key to setting up and running a landscape supplies yard is a well organised site for you and your clients to navigate easily, and the flexibility to rearrange bins as demand for materials change.

Traditionally, building bulk storage solutions is expensive, time consuming and inflexible. Interbloc offers an antidote. Faster to install and easier to rearrange whenever a change is required. 

Wyatt Landscape Supplies had used the Interbloc system before, and knew it would be right for the aggregate bins at their new landscape yard. The company stores a range of aggregates including metals and scoria, sand and lime, and landscaping pebbles, mulches and mixes - some of which are also under cover. Each bin measures between 5000mm wide x 4500mm deep x 1800mm high and 3500mm x 3500mm x 1800mm, depending on the product being stored.

Dave Wyatt, Managing Director of Wyatt Landscape Supplies, knew that whenever he needed to re-configure the site it would always be quick and easy, because of how easy it is to assemble and rearrange the bays. A ‘nice’ added extra was the sustainability credentials entrenched in every Interbloc block – made from 100 percent recycled wet concrete, every block contains zero embedded carbon.

At the heart of the Interbloc precast concrete wall system is a unique interlocking concrete block. The block delivers a high productivity system, meaning Interbloc customers can build faster, stronger, safer. The certified, central lifting anchors built into each Interbloc block help with moving them safely, and also serve as anchor points for ropes and strops. The blocks have excellent horizontal shear strength in both directions, which helps them withstand any knocks and bumps from forklifts or other mechanical machinery. 

No specialist heavy-lifting cranes are required when constructing the bins - the right forklift is capable of constructing Interbloc walls like this, and the blocks “pull apart” like LEGO so that no destructive dismantling is ever required, and the blocks can be reconfigured endlessly.

“We’re so confident in our system and blocks we offer a unique buyback guarantee,” explains Envirocon’s Sales Director Jack Bright. “This buyback guarantee means when you no longer require the blocks, you’ll be able to trade them in for cash.

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