September 20, 2021 1 min read

Interbloc demonstrates dry storage capabilities

Lex Norton owns and operates the lime prill storage facility for the far north located in Kaikohe. The bin has a capacity of 500 tonne and was constructed in February 2008 using Interblocin combination with a simple externally supplied shelter roof.

Although the Interbloc solution is able to keep gods dry in combination with a suitable roofing structure, it is imperative that Lime prills be kept dry so the Interbloc team sealed all joints between the blocks for added comfort for the client. Jack Bright said, “Our solution can be customised to meet the clients needs and the ability to seal for added product protection is a good example of being able to meet the customers need correctly and without additional complexity”

Lex Norton said that he chose Interbloc for many reasons, they included,

● Strength of the blocks to withstand the odd hit from the loader,
● They where free standing
● Assembly could be carried out with their fork lift,
● The product was competitively priced compared to other solutions
● The ability to expand and or relocate the bin at a future date.

When asked to summarise the process and his dealings with Interbloc, Lex stated “I was very happy with the Interbloc fertiliser bin and would recommend Interbloc structures for smaller farm storage requirements”.

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