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Liveable Streets

Liveable Streets is a joint venture between HEB Construction and Higgins Contracting. Its primary goal is to deliver the Central East Road Corridor Maintenance Contract for Auckland Transport.

The Liveable Streets team is tasked with general maintenance, emergency management, renewals, rehabilitation, road rails, kerbs, crossing, and spill response.

Early in 2022 heavy rains resulted in landslides in Whitford, Auckland. Just 7m from the slippage site on Whitford Road, was housing. With further heavy rains expected, there was an immediate threat to property. There was also the added potential risk of damage to nearby power/utility lines which needed to be considered in the solution’s design. To keep the residents and community safe, a protection wall needed to be erected, fast.

Interbloc to the Rescue

Envirocon’s high productivity, quick reaction Interbloc Precast Concrete Wall System was chosen. When compared to the other options - timber and gabion baskets - it was a no brainer. Both legacy construction systems were too slow to install.

In contrast Interbloc allowed for rapid deployment, with trucks rolling in one after the other offloading blocks which were installed in real time. In just 4 days, 337 blocks were installed to build a wall 2.4m wide, 2.4m high, and 20.4m long.

The Liveable Streets Team installing a temporary slippage solution

Wall being installed by the TWC Contracting team

The wall will be in place for an uncertain amount of time and subject to high loads and hydrostatic pressures. Interbloc’s inherent flexibility added additional benefits. A unique block stacking configuration was required, eliminating the need for vertical reinforcing. This aided the speed of installation without compromising structural integrity. Interbloc mortarless interlocking system also allows for water to drain through the wall.

Another key benefit for Liveable Streets is the ability to non-destructively dismantle the wall with ease at any stage in the future and reuse the blocks for another structure or take advantage of Interbloc’s industry leading Buyback Guarantee.

Finished Interbloc Slippage Wall

Liveable Streets is an excellent example of the suitability of Interbloc for emergency slip management - a common problem faced by road maintenance contract holders across New Zealand. Similar solutions have been provided throughout the Waikato and Marlborough.

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