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Interbloc's Buyback Guarantee

One of the unique characteristics of the Interbloc precast wall system is the ability to non-destructively dismantle a structure and reconfigure or reuse the blocks. When you no longer have a need for the blocks Envirocon offers a unique buyback guarantee. It’s a key part of our commitment to practical sustainability and the circular economy. It also means Interbloc customers have an asset with a value at end of the life which is rare in the building materials industry.

What is the buyback guarantee?

The Interbloc buyback guarantee is an offer that allows you to sell back your blocks to us once you no longer need them. Terms and conditions apply.

The offer is:

  • We’ll buy back Interbloc manufactured and sold blocks only
  • The minimum price is calculated as a percentage of the original purchase price, quality, and age of the block as set out in the table below.
  • Blocks originally sold as seconds, rejects, special blocks, flat top, flat bottom, and capper blocks are excluded, however we may still choose to offer a buyback on these blocks on an adhoc basis.
  • The guarantee is only available to the original purchaser and is not transferable
  • We may, at our discretion, offer different rates than shown in the table below

How It Works in Practice

The Waterview Tunnel project is the perfect example of how Interbloc’s buyback guarantee works. The tunneling process resulted in a slurry which needed to be stored, sorted, and disposed of. Interbloc was used to build a temporary settlement pond on what is now the northbound lanes.

Once the project was completed, the ponds were non-destructively dismantled, with the concrete blocks being sold back to us via the buyback guarantee and repurposed on another project. Innovative approaches to construction such as Interbloc’s buyback guarantee helped the Waterview Tunnel


Linking with sustainability

An overarching goal of sustainability is to maximise the efficiency of resource use. Interbloc’s buyback guarantee lowers the lifetime cost of ownership while limiting waste to landfill.

By selling back your blocks to us, you’re helping to support the circular economy.

Creating a circular economy

The current linear economy takes natural resources, makes things, then disposes of them as waste. The circular economy aims to increase resource reuse through smart design, more durable products that can be recycled or reused.

The Interbloc system is the perfect example of the circular economy in practice. Interbloc utilises high quality excess surplus concrete to wet cast our blocks resulting in low carbon concrete blocks. The blocks are used to construct a large variety of structures from industrial bulk storage, to temporary and permanent retaining and retention walls. When the blocks are no longer required they can be non-destructively dismantled and reused or sold to build yet another structure. The process continues to repeat.

Saving the planet and your wallet

Interbloc’s buyback guarantee combines the benefits of lower lifetime costs and creating a more sustainable New Zealand.

If you've purchased Interbloc in the last 4 years and you want to sell them back to us, get in touch!

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