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Introducing Interbloc+

Interbloc's Had a Facelift! 

Mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) walls have become the first choice for retaining in large civil and infrastructure projects. With the increase in MSE has also been a increase in precast facing elements. Interbloc+ is the first choice. 
It has a split stone facade that is seamlessly integrated into the Interbloc concrete block construction platform. 
Interbloc+ is specifically designed for retaining walls, with a particular application focus on mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) walls. It combines the robust durability and rapid deployment of the Interbloc system with the timeless look and superior quality of Stonebloc's split stone facia.
Interbloc+ Textured Facia

Interbloc+ is Purposely Designed for MSE Walls 

Interbloc+ is designed for MSE walls (although, you can still use these concrete blocks for gravity retaining walls). MSE is a method of reinforcing a wall to withstand high loads. It’s common with bridge culverts and retaining walls above 2.4m. Essentially, it ties the wall elements (Interbloc concrete blocks), to the retained soil using a geogrid matt. 

MSE Retaining Wall
MSE is a faster, more cost-effective, and stronger solution when building retaining walls with large loadings. There are numerous different MSE systems out on the market, however its only when MSE and Interbloc are combined that you truly get the unique benefits of speed, durability, and flexibility.

Benefits of Interbloc+ 

Interbloc+ walls offer a number of benefits over traditional retaining walls, including:

  • Enhanced aesthetics:A split stone facia means the structures you build with Interbloc+ look great and are also well-engineered. 
  • Durability: Interbloc+ MSE walls are designed to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions, and they are resistant to damage from earthquakes and other natural disasters. 
  • Rapid construction: Interbloc+ MSE walls can be installed quickly and easily, and the construction process is predictable and repetitive.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Interbloc+ with TPS provides a combination of low carbon and high quality Interbloc+ Retaining Wall

MSE-Wall Specific Benefits: 


  • Extreme wall heights: Interbloc+ MSE walls can be built to heights of up to 20 metres, making them ideal if you're designing walls with extreme heights.
  • Extreme loads can be carried. Interbloc+ MSE walls can carry heavy loads, such as bridge abutment footings or cranes.
  • Built-in Geogrid Technology. Interbloc+ incorporates a unique built-in geogrid technology that enhances the overall stability and reinforcement of retaining walls. 

Interbloc Plus with Geogrid

Interbloc+ Retains Core Features

Despite its enhanced aesthetics and MSE offering, Interbloc+ retains the core features that have made Interbloc a trusted choice across multiple industries. 

  • Installation up to 5 times faster than traditional products. Interbloc can be installed at a rate of 160m2 of wall per day with two labourer.
  • Interlocking shear key. This feature ensures compliance with the NZS3101 code Part 1 2006 Section 7.5 requirements.
  • Up to 97% reduction in embodied carboncompared to other concrete construction systems. Made from high-quality, wet excess concrete, Interbloc is a low carbon, zero waste construction system. It's independently verified by an EPD. 
  • A minimum of 20MPa concrete or greater. Interbloc utilises high-strength concrete for exceptional durability and structural integrity. Specific concrete mixes can be requested through our Total Precast Solutions offer. 

Interbloc+ - Combining Engineering, Aesthetics, and Sustainability.

Interbloc+ is a great choice for your next project. It is a well-designed, aesthetic, and durable retaining wall solution that offers the same benefits and more as Interbloc.

Request a quote today to see how Interbloc+ can help you with your next project.

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