400 Stonebloc Half Capper Block

Stonebloc is a residential retaining wall system designed to deliver timeless retaining.

At the heart of the Stonebloc system is a mass concrete block which stack together in a running bond format to deliver fast, durable, great looking walls.

This is a 200mm x 400 x 400mm half capper block that weighs 75kg. 

You may need a combination of different types of Stonebloc blocks to build a retaining wall, please refer to our retaining manual. In certain cases a specific engineering design is required for consent purposes - you can enquire about this here.

What Can I Use This Block For?

Why Stonebloc?

  • Super fast install time
  • Stackable blocks for strong structures
  • Safe, certified lifting points
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • Independently tested by the University of Auckland
  • Vertical on the boundary to maximise land
  • Unique split stone look

Enduring, timeless retaining with Stonebloc.

Dimensions:200x400x400mm Weight:75kg SKU:4SB200EHALFCAPTG