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Daltons Landscape Supplies

“At Daltons we are the best in our field and we like to deal with the best and that’s why we chose Interbloc” - Kerryn, Auckland Area Manager

Daltons is one of New Zealand’s largest landscape supplies businesses. Their products range from fertiliser and compost to aggregate and mulch. Key to Dalton’s success has been their investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and commitment to quality. Tidy, flexible, and efficient bulk materials storage plays a small, but important role as well. Since 2008, Daltons have chosen the Interbloc precast wall system to build their storage bins.

Daltons Interbloc Bin

(Interbloc Bin for Daltons Landscape Supplies' Christchurch Yard)

One of the most common solutions that Daltons has used is Interbloc bins. A natural benefit of the bins is it separates their product, making it easier to pick out what’s needed. That’s not the only reason why they chose Interbloc, though. A key plus for them has been the flexibility in the system. Giving them the ability to grow (or shrink) their bins as needed.

“ We can change it. If our bins are too small, we can make them wider, it’s just putting in another footing, putting the rods back in, and restacking them” - Kerryn Gibson, Dalton Landscape Supplies Auckland Area Manager.

Daltons has used the Interbloc solution time and time again. So when it comes to designing or redesigning their yards, it’s easy. This is largely thanks to Interbloc’s intuitive and simple modular design. With the blocks’ interlocking shear key, it is quick and easy to build structures.

Cleanliness is also an important factor for landscape yards. Landscaping is all about creating a space where aesthetics are important. To fit this concept, storage solutions need to create a clean and organised environment. Interbloc fits the brief largely because of its modular design.

“The tidy aspect is something for a landscaped yard. You want to stand out and look good”

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