Interbloc 1200 Base Block

This is a 1200mm x 60000mm x 600mm Interbloc block that weighs 810kgs and has two certified central lifting anchors. The lifting points can also be used as an anchoring point for ropes and straps. 

Please note you will require 2 x 2.5t Lifting Klaws for this product (sold separately).

What Can I Use This Block For?

What Are The Benefits Of This Block?

  • Increases the capacity of the wall
  • Decreases the foundation and bearing capacity requirement of the foundation
  • Keeps the bin cleaner by preventing aggregation of material 
Why Interbloc?
  • Super fast install time
  • Stackable blocks for strong structures
  • Safe, certified lifting points
  • 15 years experience
  • Comprehensive warranties

Build Faster, Stronger, Safer with Interbloc.

Dimensions :600x 600 x 1200mm Weight:750Kg SKU:6IB1200ECAPPG

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The current lead time for producing the Interbloc range is 8 weeks.