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Stonebloc is 10% Better Than Timber

Envirocon’s annual price check against common retaining wall methods has just delivered yet another great reason to make the transition to Stonebloc retaining. Stonebloc is now, on average, 10% cheaper than timber retaining according to independent cost comparisons undertaken by QV Costbuilder, a division of Quotable Value. This is the second annual independent price check commissioned by Envirocon to dispel the common misconception that great-looking walls have to cost more. Three core trends contributed to the result:

  1. Timber and associated material costs have increased an average of 20% driven by constrained supply and unprecedented demand. These factors have also led to significant blow-outs in lead times. (QV Costbuilder, 2021)
  2. Skilled labour shortages and regulatory changes have led to an average 12.5% increase in labour costs. (QV Costbuilder, 2021)
  3. Stonebloc’s continual investment in research and development through independent testing undertaken by the University of Auckland’s Engineering Schoolled to a reduction in foundation requirements, reducing material costs.
Stonebloc is increasingly proving to be an antidote to the labour and material shortages plaguing the retaining wall market;
  • Stonebloc is more productive and requires less skill to install. Our system requires minimal foundation preparation*, the blocks incorporate a quick-grip klaw for speed of movement, positively interlock with ease, and require only two semi-skilled labour units to install.
  • Our scale, generic designs, and commitment to long-term customer relationships allow us to minimize cost inflation and meet delivery timelines.
  • Our commitment to research and development delivers incremental productivity gains through all aspects of the retaining wall system.

There's never been a better time to make the transition to our Stonebloc retaining wall system.

Background Notes: QV Costbuilder is a division of Quotable Value and undertook the cost comparison in early June 2021 using the most up to date market rates. All costs were rounded to the nearest $5, and foundation costs included labour and material costs. Stonebloc provided wall profiles from our generic designs for a 5kpa wall with retail pricing. Freight was excluded from the costings exercise. Both timber and stonebloc costs exclude backfilling behind walls. *A levelling layer of fines is all that is required in good ground conditions.

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