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How Does the Price of Stonebloc Compare ?

Stonebloc concrete blocks for beautiful retaining walls

Concrete blocks generally are a popular choice for the construction of retaining walls across New Zealand, with many designers preferring them to timber. Most people do prefer the durability and look of concrete retaining walls, but think that timber is more cost-effective - which it can be unless Stonebloc concrete blocks are specified.

Stonebloc delivers the benefits of concrete at a price point similar to timber’s (see “Stonebloc is cost-effective”). But there’s much more to the Stonebloc system than ‘just’ good prices.

Timeless – and time-saving - retaining walls

In tight spaces on developed sites, it’s especially important to do a great job in a short time – something the Stonebloc system delivers. With its aesthetic finish, you’re adding a uniquely classic look to your project.

Speed of construction is a big plus for projects operating within a confined area. Construction noise and disturbance can be an ongoing issue, and more and more companies appreciate the speed of construction that the Stonebloc retaining system offers.

Contractors can be in and out of a site much more quickly with the Stonebloc system, saving you time as well as money. Two people can build up to 120 metres of self-aligning wall in a day.

Each Stonebloc is 400mm thick solid concrete, using our unique design and interlocking shear key for an exceptionally robust wall on any site. The blocks stack easily and don’t need glues or grouts to hold them in place, meaning Stonebloc is delivering a standalone gravity wall in record time.

Vertical reinforcing can be included for cantilever walls, with tie-back options available for Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) retaining walls. The Stonebloc system looks great too. For precast, residential, or architectural retaining walls up to 2.4 metres tall, the Stonebloc range is the perfect choice for your project. Our beautifully designed blocks enhance every landscaping selection, with a range of eight different shapes and sizes to ensure designs and finishes are suitable for every project.

The Stonebloc range includes standard blocks, base blocks, flat top blocks, and a 200mm-wide capper. Soil and moisture can’t leach through a Stonebloc retaining wall when combined with a correctly installed geomembrane lining, so excellent retaining performance over many years is a given.

If required, we’re happy to propose a design specifically for your project that ensures all appropriate codes are met. The Stonebloc system allows 90 degrees vertical retaining right on the boundary, freeing up more usable land for today’s small section sizes or tight access areas.

How Stonebloc works

When Stonebloc blocks are stacked next to and above each other, shear keys incorporated into each unit link together to offer shear strength in both horizontal directions and increase the structural integrity of your wall at each joint. The result is a high-performance solution with a high-quality finish that can be adapted to your requirements.

Geogrid tie-back and vertical reinforcing options are available, allowing the system to be used across a wide range of architectural applications. Whatever your design, the safety, and quality of the Stonebloc system are never compromised. Minimum strength (MPa) blocks are available to comply with engineering design specifications.

Stonebloc is cost-effective

The Stonebloc solid concrete block system, like its bigger Interbloc cousin, combines simple and rapid assembly with excellent shear strength, together delivering you a range of impressive benefits. Compared to other retaining wall systems, Stonebloc can offer cost savings of up to 32 percent. Third-party QS data suggests that Stonebloc is very price competitive against alternative solutions.

Sustainability in construction

Like all Envirocon blocks, Stoneblocs are made from excess wet concrete that would otherwise have gone to landfill. Strong modular design means walls can be easily unstacked and moved in the future if required. If you can’t reuse them elsewhere, they can be deconstructed and sold back to us under our unique BuyBack Guarantee. In addition to comprehensive warranties, this guarantee ensures true product stewardship.

Stonebloc is part of Envirocon’s product stewardship scheme, accredited by the Ministry for the Environment and the only construction-related one in New Zealand. With significantly less carbon embedded into Stonebloc from the start, your project can qualify for the appropriate Sustainability Accreditations, to meet the increasing regulatory requirements around sustainability in construction. This can include Greenstar (vertical construction); GreenRoads (NZTA); and ISCA (infrastructure projects). From design to commissioning, we provide unbeatable support throughout the whole process.

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