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Introducing Stonebloc's Wedge & Stair

Stonebloc Expands Product Offering with Innovative Wedge and Stair

When we launched Stonebloc in 2015, it was in response to the demand for a longer lasting, better looking, and faster to install residential retaining wall product. Since then we’ve remained committed to innovation, and . We're proud to announce the launch of two new products; the Stonebloc Wedge Block and the Stonebloc Stair Block.

These new products round out the range allowing curves to be built into Stonebloc walls, and more importantly eliminating the need for boxing and pouring steps instiu on site.

Stonebloc Wedge Block

Stonebloc Standard and Flat Top Wedge Blocks

Creating curved walls is simple with Stonebloc's Wedge Block. Available in left and right, and standard and flat top variations, this block offers the same benefits as seen across the whole Stonebloc range: 

  • Easy installation: Two labourers can build up to 120m2 of wall per day. The self-aligning and interlocking elements of these modular concrete blocks make it quick to create retaining walls. 
  • Vertical walls on the boundary: Stonebloc walls are built vertically on the boundary with no incline, maximising land availability.
  • Designed for Deconstruction: Stonebloc is a modular concrete block building solution. This means it's just as easy to deconstruct a wallfor maintenance as it is to build it. 
  • Timeless Aesthetic: The split stone facia is designed to work across many different designs with a timeless finish. 
  • Durable concrete: Made from a minimum 20MPa concrete, you can trust these interlocking blocks are designed to withstand the elements.
  • Sustainability: By using our Total Precast Solution offering, you can choose one of three concrete mixes and control the reduction in embodied carbon. 

Stonebloc Wedge

Stonebloc Stair

Stonebloc Stairs

Like the Stonebloc Wedge Blocks, the Stair Blocks also offer the same benefits as the rest of the range. Two benefits that are specific to the Stair Blocks are: 

Benefits of the Stonebloc Stair include:

  • Complement Stonebloc retaining walls: Often there are challenges associated with traditional methods of construction stairs alongside retaining walls, which often involve costly and time-consuming processes like concrete pouring or the use of less durable timber. Stonebloc Stair Blocks have been designed to complement the whole retaining wall, extending the split stone facia throughout the design. 
  • Code-compliant rise and tread dimensions: These blocks are designed to meet all relevant building codes. 

Stonebloc Stairs

Bespoke Stonebloc Retaining Wall Designs

With the addition of the Stonebloc Wedge Block and the Stonebloc Stair, Stonebloc you now have the ability to create more bespoke Stonebloc retaining wall designs. 

To start using the Wedge and Stair Blocks in your Stonebloc designs, reach out to us today

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