Stonebloc - Concrete Blocks Giving Timeless Retaining

Timeless Retaining

Stonebloc is a gravity retaining wall system that combines the durability of concrete with the speed of precast and delivers unparalleled sustainability. Stonebloc is used by New Zealand residential property developers to unlock land faster, and deliver a superior aesthetic value. At the end of life, they can be non-destructively dismantled and reused.

Whether you’re in the North or South Island, unlock your land faster with Stonebloc.

How We Started & Our Values

Stonebloc is a sub-brand of Envirocon and was launched in 2015. We felt with our unique engineering and commitment to fantastic design, adding a residential retaining wall system will positively affect engineers, builders, and end-users alike.

Stonebloc focuses on producing timeless retaining walls that are well-designed in both aesthetics and engineering. Combined with that, we’re dedicated to creating sustainable products that follow a circular economy. This ethos is even present in our logo, showing our dedication to quality and the environment.

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Why Choose Stonebloc?

Two people can build up to 120m of wall in a day saving you time and money.

400mm thick solid concrete blocks and a unique interlocking shear key delivers unparalleled strength in even the harshest environments.

Use our generic engineering solutions or request specific engineering designs from our competent team. Walls can be engineered to PS1 standard.

Stonebloc provides 90 degree vertical retaining on the boundary, maximising available land.

All our premium blocks come with comprehensive warranties. Minimum MPa can be supplied on request.

From design through to commissioning, Stonebloc provides unbeatable support throughout the whole process.

Stonebloc Annotated Diagram

Our Retaining Wall Block Range

Browse the full range of our concrete blocks, usable in a variety of applications as a cost-effective building solution.

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