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7 Benefits of Modular Wall Systems

Modular construction is gaining popularity all over the world due to the way it streamlines builds, saves costs and provides flexibility at every level. The modular approach is being used for everything from high-end homes and apartment complex’s to our modular wall systems made from interlocking concrete blocks. We’ll get back to the benefits of modular building soon, but first, a little explainer for those who are asking ‘what does modular construction actually mean?’

Modular Construction In Three Sentences

Traditional construction involves raw materials being delivered to a build-site where they are cut and put together by skilled constructors. In modular construction, almost all the manufacturing and construction is undertaken in a factory setting. Then, once the sections – or ‘modules’ – are ready, they are brought to the build-site and connected together into the required structure or wall system.

The Major Benefits Of Modular Wall Systems

1. Higher Quality Assurance
Creating a wall system or a building piece-by-piece in a factory setting allows for much higher quality controls and less risk to materials and workers. In the context of a modular wall system, the blocks will only physically fit together if they meet our strict quality standards. The blocks are also installed using minimum labour inputs – eliminating the need for working at heights and allows for thorough quality inspections during the process.

2. Minimises Disruptions
When you choose our interlocking concrete blocks, for example, your business will hardly experience any interruption during the construction process. The vast majority of the work will happen off-site – all that will be required is limited labour inputs during the fast installation process.

3. Speed Of Build
With traditional building materials, the build process requires large inputs of skilled labour. However, with a modular approach, construction takes place much faster and with lower labour inputs. This means stacking the blocks can reduce the build time by 30-50%.

4. Environmentally Friendly Option
Modular construction is more sustainable than traditional options. Modular construction ensures less waste, and modular building companies have been market leaders in use of recycled materials. In the case of Envirocon’s Interbloc modular wall system, we manufacture blocks from upcycled virgin concrete as part of a government-accredited stewardship scheme. At the end of life the blocks can be easily dismantled and repurposed elsewhere – exemplified by Interbloc’s Buyback Guarantee on the blocks. In fact, we provide NZ’s greenest building material!

5. Modular Saves You Money
Choosing modular construction also saves you money with shorter construction times, lower labour costs and an asset with a value at the end of life. This adds up to big savings over traditional approaches. The ease with which modular wall systems can be reconfigured throughout the life of the structure as needs change also delivers massive savings and unique flexibility.

6. Fully Customisable
Thanks to their thoughtful design, modular buildings are extremely flexible. Our modular wall systems can be designed to serve multiple functions for your business. A project that may start with blocks being used for a storage bin, will see the blocks repurposed as temporary retaining walls, counter weights, or loading ramps.

7. Flexible Use
Once in place, the interlocking concrete blocks are every bit as sturdy as a traditional precast wall – more so in fact. Unlike a traditional wall, this seemingly rock-solid structure can be moved, expanded, shrunk or reconfigured with ease and speed. This means a modular structure can change to meet the evolving needs of your business as many times as you need it to.

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