Buyback Guarantee

  • The Offer:
    1. Interbloc is offering to purchase Interbloc manufactured and sold blocks only.
    2. Guaranteed minimum prices are worked out as a percentage of the original purchase price, quality, and age of the block as set out in the table attached to these terms and conditions.
    3. Blocks originally sold as seconds, rejects, special blocks, flat top, flat bottom, and capper blocks are excluded.
    4. The guarantee is non-transferable and only available to the original purchaser.
    5. Interbloc may, at its sole discretion, offer better terms than those stated in this document.

  • Validity:
    1. Guaranteed minimum prices only apply to blocks sold after 17 February 2014.
    2. For blocks sold prior to 17 February 2014, Interbloc’s offer price will be on a case by case basis.

  • Quality Bands:
    1. As outlined in the attached table ‘Purchase Rates for Buyback’, there are three quality bands which determine, among other things, the minimum price paid;
      1. Excellent
      2. Average
      3. Poor
    2. Guidelines for the Quality Bands for Buyback Scheme outline the aesthetic and structural characteristics of the blocks for each category.
    3. Only blocks originally sold as ‘Engineered Blocks’ at full price are eligible for the Buyback.
    4. Interbloc and its representatives are the sole judge of a blocks eligibility for each band.

  • Price and Payment:
    1. Interbloc is under no obligation to purchase blocks sold before 17 February 2014.
    2. Payment is due upon on-sale of the blocks.
    3. Payment is processed once all blocks have been loaded for transportation.
    4. Payment is made by direct credit into a bank account of choice.
    5. Minimum payment rates our outlined below:

Timeframe Block Condition
Excellent Average Poor
Up to 12 months 40% 30% 10%
1 Year + 30% 20% 5%
2 Years + 25% 15% 0%
3 Years + 20% 10% 0%
4 Years + 15% 15% 0%

  • Dismantle, Storage, Transportation:
    1. Where the blocks form part of a structure it is the seller’s responsibility to dismantle the blocks.
    2. The seller agrees to store the blocks free of charge until they are sold.
    3. Where the seller is unable to store the blocks, the seller accepts responsibility for the cost of freighting, handling, and storing the blocks to an Interbloc depot or manufacturing yard.
    4. It is the seller’s responsibility to load the blocks onto trucks for freighting from site; where Interbloc is required to undertake loading of the blocks a charge will be applied.

  • Miscellaneous:
    1. Interbloc reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions of this guarantee, including minimum price payable for blocks, at any time without prior notice.
    2. Interbloc reserves the right to discontinue the guarantee at any time; cancellation of the guarantee will not affect blocks sold during the period the guarantee was in place.