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Claude Road

B & T Earthmoving was contracted to make install a retaining wall on high-density development in Epsom, Auckland. This project came with difficulties that traditional retaining wall solutions would have difficulty adapting to. Stonebloc was easily able to work around these difficulties and offer a well-designed, presentable wall.

A prominent feature in this site was bedrock, meaning traditional poles and footings were not an option. For ground like this, retaining wall solutions need to sit upon as opposed to being dug into. Not only was bedrock an issue, but so was tight access. The retaining wall solution needed to have the ability to be built on the boundary line.

Both of these factors - bedrock and tight access - can be remedied by Stonebloc.  The fact that Stonebloc could be installed quickly and could be laid on a bed of metal were the main reasons the contractors chose the product. 

From the contractor’s perspective, installation is very simple and fast. Unlike their solutions such as masonry, there is no grouting or gluing. The blocks stack together much like LEGO. 

Here what Phil from B & T Earthmovers had to say about the project

If you're needing a retaining wall solution that can adapt to tight sites and tough ground, look no further than Stonebloc.

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