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Stonebloc & Contractors

Stonebloc is a gravity retaining wall system that’s designed for contractors to provide fast installation with minimal labour. The result is a system that delivers the speed and durability of precast concrete, for less money.

Phil of B&T Earthmoving used Stonebloc for the first time at a challenging site in Auckland. “It was a really rocky site, as well as tricky and tight,” he explained. Despite it being the first time the company had used Stonebloc, they soon found it was a lot easier to set up and a lot quicker to install than anything they’d used before.

They found that good preparation was key to delivering a good looking and long lasting wall. While no grouting or gluing was needed between the blocks, making it a lot easier and quicker to construct, initial site preparation was really important. The ground had to be levelled correctly before the first blocks were laid, but once that was sorted “set up was easier and a lot quicker,” he said.

He feels the interlocking blocks with their decorative fascia look really good. Stonebloc walls can be built right up to the boundary, which maximises the usable area for homeowners – something that’s increasingly important in today’s smaller lot sizes. Stonebloc’s solid, upcycled concrete blocks offer a unique interlocking design that provides shear strength in both horizontal directions.

Neville is a site foreman at ICB, and his team used Stonebloc for the first time on a big project that required 729 lineal metres of retaining walls. He also found that good base preparation was the key to a quick and easy install – easier than other stone walls to install, too.

 “It’s like a big kids’ LEGO set,” he said. Using vertical weight [gravity] maximises stability, which means Stonebloc retaining blocks lock together easily - and stay together.

“You have to get the bottom blocks right first, and they have to sit properly. Then you can work your way through, and up, as you go. It’s easy, but you have to take time to make sure everything’s at the correct angle.” This allows the wall to take the loadings and remain stable and straight, especially on a sloping site.

This project used Stonebloc’s newest product - double-ended blocks - as well as ones specially-manufactured for this job that allowed for specific angles at site boundaries. 

Stoneblocs are made from solid concrete, and in wet weather any building site becomes really muddy. They found that storing the pallets of blocks close to where they were installing them, saved a lot of time and energy. 

The finished project was something the whole team was proud of. The ICB team includes:

  • Arnulfo Nartea -  Forman & Digger Operator
  • Joey Gurrea  -  Skilled Digger Operator
  • Adam Suaesi - Skilled Labourer  & Digger Operator
  • Teremai DIxon  - Skilled Labourer & Digger Operator
  • Anaru Morris - Forman & Digger Operator
  • Chris Endt - Skilled Labourer & Digger Operator
  • Perry Carr -Skilled Labourer & Digger Operator

Some of the ICB Team

(Some of the ICB Team who built Stonebloc walls in Auckland)

The Stonebloc retaining wall system is proven to withstand significant loadings – it’s been independently tested by the University of Auckland School of Engineering. Stonebloc’s consent-ready designs use conventional engineering principles and cover walls 0-12kPa and up to 2m high.

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