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HP Works

Hamish from HP Works Ltd is an experienced Stonebloc Installer, and has recently completed a Stonebloc project in Campbell’s Bay. 

Prior to Stonebloc being installed, this homeowner had timber retaining walls. Over time (it’s estimated this wall was built in the 1970s), this timber retaining wall failed, creating an urgent need for the customer’s retaining wall to be replaced. 

Timber was out of the question. With its failure in the past, the customer was looking for a more durable option - one that could stand the test of time. Stonebloc was chosen due to its strength and high quality aesthetic. 

The previous retaining wall created a terraced space - with a lower and upper section. To create something more usable, the customer decided to remove the terracing entirely, choosing to have just one supportive retaining wall across the boundary line. 


(Before this area had 2 levels. With this new retaining wall, the customer requested there to be no terracing so they had more usable space. Earthworks was completed, pushing the retaining wall to the edge of the boundary line)


Here's what Hamish had to say about this project:

"The use of Envirocon's Stonebloc range allowed me to build a solid low maintenance retaining wall that my clients and their neighbors approve of."

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