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Modular Wall Systems for Your Storage Needs

If you run any kind of industrial or agricultural operation, you understand the importance of bulk storage; however, all storage solutions are not created equal! We believe the key features to delivering outstanding storage results are strength, speed, safety, and flexibility.

Flexible Storage Is Essential

No business is static. A company is a dynamic entity and, hopefully, one that is growing. That means storage solutions that aren’t flexible can become a hindrance. If your storage needs outstrip the capacity of your storage facilities as time goes on, you’ll be forced to sink a big chunk of your new profits into upgrading or replacing those facilities, or in having new ones built. You need storage that can grow with your business at minimal cost.

Strong Storage Is A Must

It’s an obvious point, but an important one nonetheless – your storage system needs to be strong. Whatever you are storing – from grain to glass to fertiliser – if you’re storing it in bulk, the weights involved will quickly skyrocket. You need to know that your storage facility can handle the strain even when it’s filled right to capacity.

You Need Tough, Long Lasting Storage

You want your business to be around for the long term, right? Well, that means your storage facilities need to be highly durable so that you are getting the most out of your asset. Big, solid, tough concrete blocks deliver unrivalled durability in the harshest environments.

Storage Should Be Cost Effective

Bulk storage on-site should be a way for you to reduce overall running costs, allowing you to store more for longer. You want to be sure the storage option you’ve chosen is cost effective, especially over the life of the structure.

Modular Walls: Checking All The Boxes

Modular wall systems are an ideal solution for bulk storage needs, precisely because they so neatly meet the criteria outlined above.

Modular Walls Can Adapt With Your Business

Because modular structures are comprised of individual sections that can be moved easily, they can be adjusted to meet your business’ needs. For example, our interlocking concrete blocks combine to form a very sturdy structure that can be extended or reconfigured easily, quickly and at a low cost.

Engineered For Strength

Modular construction is a great way to ensure strength in any building or wall system. Each part of a modular structure is created separately, rather than built on site. This allows for greater quality control and faster construction times. In the case of Envirocon’s Interbloc modular precast wall system, the unique interlocking design of the blocks creates a shear key in both horizontal directions and allows for positive location for highly accurate placement of each segment.

A Durable Solution

The durability of a modular system will depend, naturally, on the materials used to make it. In the case of Interbloc’s bulk storage solutions, that material is a solid, vibrated, concrete block – one of the most durable building materials around.

Modular Storage Is Highly Cost-Efficient

Going modular cuts down construction time and labour costs massively, meaning you will get a high-quality result for a fraction of what traditional systems would cost. What’s more, if a segment does become damaged, it can be replaced individually, rather than needing a whole new structure, which also cuts down long term costs.

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