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Palm Kernal Bins Take Market By Storm

Since 2003 Interblochas been offering cost effective, reliable bulk storage solutions to farmers. With over 50 PKE bins sold since launch in 2010 Interbloc knows that their solution is what farmers are looking for. Sales Director Jack Bright said “We went out to deliver the best value for money while not compromising on quality, and our sales reflect the fact that we now have many happy customers”.

Interbloc understands there are huge demands on limited resources on the farm. The value offered by their PKE bin can be summed up as follows:

  • 150mm thick concrete slab with a 2 metre apron
  • Interlocking walls made of 600mm think concrete blocks
  • Fast to erect onsite as blocks are precast at Interbloc’s Manufacturing plant.
  • Can be expanded upon easily as needs arise
  • Rodent free and water tight
  • Multiple roof options including sliding and fixed canvass
  • Very competitively price, in some cases over 50% less than competitors

Attention to detail is high with each block going through a quality control process so the finished PKE bin looks great. The PKE bin very competitively priced. “Our customers love the ease of the kitset bin. The bin has become a real game changer”, Says Jack. “Over the past six years we have poured a huge amount of time and resources into perfecting the bin, and expanding the options for The first PKE bin was launched in 2010 and with over 200 installed sites we know it works.” The PKE bin is one of a number of standardize solutions that Interbloc offers. They also work with customers using their designer service to deliver one off solutions where customers just can’t find the right solution.

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