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End of a Wall's Life: Concrete vs Timber

If you're looking to build a retaining wall, you may find yourself tossing up between concrete and timber. When making the final decision, it is important to consider the longevity and durability of the product. This is important for both financial benefit and sustainability responsibilities.

We've put together a list of reasons why choosing concrete is the more sustainable way to build your retaining wall and why it will save you time and money.

Circular Economy

A circular economy is a business model that focuses on a significant decrease of waste, by keeping material in use for as long as possible. We adhere to this principle by using wet excess, high-quality concrete, to create its concrete blocks. This allows us to deliver high quality products in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Our concrete blocks are engineered and designed to increase the benefits to your retaining wall. As opposed to timber retaining walls, our concrete blocks boast strength and durability which is especially important for any infrastructure construction in New Zealand. Given many cities coastal environments, it is vital retaining walls can withstand erosion from the salt water, harsh winds, rain, and erosion. For that reason, our Stonebloc retaining walls have better longevity than timber.


As a result of applying a circular economy to our business model, we consider the product’s end of life and product life cycle. Our concrete starts its life with low embodied carbon and absorbs carbon overtime. At the end of life, Stonebloc can be non-destructively dismantled  so it can be easily reused. By reusing high-quality material, you cut the costs of having to source new materials. Therefore, we offer a long-term financially cost- effective, sustainable solution.

Hits Sustainability Acts

Stonebloc fits neatly within the government regulations for sustainability such as the Zero Carbon Act and the Waste Minimisation Act. Our precast wall systems are a master of engineering design, achieving unmatched durability and longevity. Our concrete blocks reduce labour time, and minimise waste of materials during installation, making an overall more efficient, and environmentally sustainable solution to constructing retaining walls.

More Attractive Design

Stonebloc is more attractive to the eye than your typical timber retaining wall. With an aesthetic finish, Stonebloc's unique, yet timeless visual design for retaining walls and will enhance the appearance of your home and its value. 

Stonebloc Retaining Walls

Easy Installation

Stonebloc is created using our precast moulding system. Therefore, little building expertise and fewer labour workers are required for installation. Furthermore, some of our Stonebloc designs do not require consent from the council, which saves time and results in a faster installation process. This is vital for businesses and households looking to save time and money. It also established a seamless system and change processes for contractors.

Case Study

Steve and Sopa in Pokeno sought a solution for the uneven landscape of their home, where retaining walls were required. Retaining walls would make their outdoor space user-friendly for their vehicles and entertainment. The couple originally considered timber for their retaining walls as it was often a go-to approach. However, they wanted to achieve a different, more luxurious aesthetic than what timber could provide.

(The Stonebloc Retaining Wall Overlooking the Pokeno Landscape)

With Stonebloc, Steve and Sopa were able to achieve a sleek, and unique retaining wall, meaning they could plant fruit trees above the walls, and create an attractive, timeless outdoor entertainment suite. Not only is the installation and maintenance of the Stonebloc simple and cost-effective, but the materials and design also ensure the retaining walls will remain contemporary and last for generations to come.

(The retaining wall that goes across Steve & Sopa's driveway) 

While many may initially turn to timber for the construction of retaining walls, concrete is evidently an overall better solution. Its longevity and durability place concrete on a pedestal above timber as it is therefore, a more sustainable option. Our high-quality concrete block solutions can be deconstructed, and re-used, are easy to install, and adhere to the New Zealand government's
sustainability regulations, making it a more efficient, cost-effective option for retaining walls in the long-term.

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