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Introducing Total Precast Solutions

3 Concrete Mix Options Offer You More Choice

We're excited to announce the launch of Total Precast Solutions (TPS), an initiative that gives you the ability to minimise embodied carbon impact without comprimising the technical requirements. TPS offers three concrete mix options across all Envirocon product ranges, including Interbloc and Stonebloc.

Ultra Low Carbon Mix
Ultra Low Carbon: This is the standard choice, with an EPD-certified ~ 97% reduction in embodied carbon compared to standard concrete mixes.  
Low Carbon Total Precast Solutions
Low Carbon: This option is available for those who want more certainty with their concrete mix. It incorporates a 30% fly ash replacement 30MPa 19mm aggregate mix, resulting in a ~30% reduction in embodied carbon compared to standard mixes.
Standard Mix Total Precast Solutions
Standard Mix: This mix is ideal if you have specific manufacturing timelines and/or technical requirements. This option features a standard 30MPa 19mm aggregate mix with no carbon reduction.

 The Benefits of TPS

TPS gives you and the environment access to many benefits: 

  • Improved Consistency: TPS gives you confidence to specify Envirocon blocks for your projects. Giving you the choice of concrete mixes means you can control design outcomes more effectively. 
  • Improved sustainability: TPS helps you meet your sustainability targets by providing options for ultra-low-carbon and low-carbon concrete mixes.
  • Reduced embodied carbon: TPS can significantly reduce the embodied carbon of construction projects. The most effective is the ultra-low-carbon-mix followed by the low-carbon mix. 
  • Greater design flexibility: TPS allows you to balance the technical requirements of consistent concrete mixes against potential sustainability impacts.

Envirocon's Commitment to Sustainability

Envirocon is a leader in construction sustainability. Our comprehensive circular economy approach incorporates:

Giving You Concrete Choices & Easy Sustainability Solutions 


Adding TPS expands your options, making it easy for you to have well-engineered and sustainable choices. With TPS, you can control design outcomes, reduce embodied carbon, and make informed decisions about your project's environmental impact. 

If you're ready to take advantage of Envirocon's sustainable concrete solutions and TPS's flexibility, reach out to our team today to discuss how we can work together on your next project.

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