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The Briscoes Group and BollardBloc

Ram raids have increased over the past few months across New Zealand. Many retailers, small business owners, and security companies are looking into loss prevention tactics to counteract the effects of ramraids. To help the community combat this, we introduced BollardBloc - a block that’s both a bollard and outdoor furniture.




Ram raids can have a dire effect on businesses, communities, and people alike. Nathan, the Loss Prevention Manager from The Briscoes Group states:

Ram raids aren’t just about the loss of stock, it’s also about damage to the building and morale which takes a big dive in these sorts of situations, the cleanup costs, then its months and months of repair work and waiting for the product to repair what has been damaged”

To avoid these impacts from ram raids, The Briscoe Group reached out to us to install BollardBloc in a selection of their Rebel Sports and Briscoes stores. Prior to using our system, they used bollards that were embedded deep into the ground. Because of the services that ran underneath the paths, The Briscoes Group needed a solution that could sit on top.


( On the left, Nathan is placing BollardBloc next to their existing bollards)

Installation for BollardBloc is simple. Unlike traditional bollard systems, you just need to place BollardBloc where you need it. You don’t need to pull up any concrete or disrupt services to protect your property. In most cases, you also don’t need council approval to place BollardBloc.

The Briscoes Group chose to go with BollardBloc for a number of reasons. The main reasons being:
  • It can sit on top of footpaths -There are services running under where they needed their bollards to be so traditional bollards were not an option. 
  • It’s strong - measuring between 1200 and 1800 milimetres and weighing from 1 tonne to 1.5 tonnes
  • It functions as furniture - customers can have a place to sit if they need to

To understand the positive impact of having BollardBloc as ramraid protection, watch the video below with Nathan from The Briscoes Group.

Wanting a simple solution to tackle ramraids? Buy BollardBloc