July 23, 2021 2 min read

Sustainability in action for City Rail Link

Envirocon products fit perfectly with the sustainability aims of the City Rail Link (CRL) project in Auckland. Our Interbloc blocks are the adaptable, versatile answer to stalling carbon emissions across multiple sites on this major project.

The Link Alliance is delivering the $4.4 billion, underground City Rail Link (CRL), which is the largest transport infrastructure project ever undertaken in New Zealand. 3.45km of underground tunnels are being formed up to 42 metres below the Auckland city centre, which when completed will allow the rail network to at least double its capacity by linking Mt Eden Station with Britomart in Auckland’s CBD. Britomart will then become a through station, with two brand new stations also being constructed near Aotea Square and Karangahape Road. The whole project is scheduled to be completed by late 2024.

Envirocon’s Interblocs are made from top quality wet concrete that had been excess to requirements for a number of other jobs, and Envirocon saves this from landfill by creating Interblocs. They become a system of certified, precast, solid concrete blocks that are cost effective, can be erected quickly, have excellent horizontal shear strength in both directions, and can be reconfigured on site as required.

Envirocon and the Link Alliance started working together as soon as construction commenced in 2019. The Link Alliance purchased Interblocs from Envirocon, and also realised this was a way to use their own surplus concrete. As a result, Envirocon’s Interbloc waste concrete block system is now used across multiple Link Alliance sites.

Nick Braxton is the Principal Sustainability Advisor for the Link Alliance. He explains that the Alliance has a “zero waste to landfill” policy that makes Envirocon a perfect partner for them. “Our non- linear approach to waste management means we’re using excess concrete for a wide range of purposes instead of sending it to landfill,” he says.

“Interbloc blocks are excellent choices for this project, because they are so versatile and are made from waste concrete,” agrees Section Engineer Eva Brasius. Consequently, they support the achievement of Link Alliance’s sustainability goals around waste diversion from landfill, and help to reduce the project’s carbon footprint."

We find the Interbloc system easy, efficient, and simple to assemble,” comments Project Engineer Emmanuel Chatoux. “The blocks are used for a range of purposes including hoarding supports, the construction of muck bins, work zone delineation, and temporary retaining walls. The construction industry overall is a big carbon emitter and by using the Interbloc system, we’re making sure our project is as carbon neutral as possible.”

Once the CRL project is complete the blocks will be returned to Envirocon, used on other projects being undertaken by the Link Alliance’s construction partners, or sold on.

Interblocs’ versatility is ideal for big projects like the CRL one, because the blocks can be used across a number of sites for a range of purposes. They work well as permanent structures too, both large and small.

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