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Envirocon's Year in Review

As we kick into 2022, we think it’s a great opportunity to look back at the challenges and achievements of 2021. 

Extended lockdowns in Auckland crippled production capability. A post lock down surge in demand then decimated stock holdings. Lead times stretched out to historical lengths. Despite these challenges, Envirocon was able to leverage our local production base to ensure we accommodate our customers' needs, working with them to align production timeframes and provide greater levels of certainty. 

The ongoing expansion of our Christchurch manufacturing plant, and the addition of a third Auckland collection point at Silverdale helped to build resilience in our manufacturing system. We also boosted our internal fabricating capacity in preparation for faster growth in 2022 - we now have the ability to add up to five new manufacturing locations per year.

A second key ingredient in our continued growth and success was our commitment to product and service innovation. 

Interbloc precast wall system saw the addition of a new ‘above ground foundation’ block to the range. This block delivers real benefits to our customers by spreading the loading of a wall over a wider footprint, thereby reducing foundation requirements and costs. This block shrinks construction timelines and costs.

Interbloc Base Block

The Stonebloc retaining wall system also saw further product innovation with the addition of two textured sides, a new exposed aggregate facia, and the option to incorporate geogrid into the block to build reinforced earth walls. The ability to build reinforced earth walls means Stonebloc is now a suitable system for larger, high loading, complex retaining projects. 

We also added an additional two trucks to our fleet. Auckland based customers will now see our fleet of four trucks ferrying blocks around Auckland. This ability to shift blocks on our own trucks has allowed us to be more flexible and more reactive to our customers' needs. 

Envirocon Fleet

Another big highlight was the launch of our new website. The design and layout of our new site is more user-friendly. More importantly, we’ve made it easier and quicker to place orders for the blocks. This online store will integrate seamlessly with a new dispatch and operations control software package we are currently building. We’ve called it Envirotrac™. Envirotrac will enhance our customer’s experience and allow our staff to focus on delivering quality solutions and building lasting customer relationships. It will also play an essential role as traceability in manufacturing becomes essential to meeting regulatory requirements aimed at reducing waste and emissions. 

Looking ahead, 2022 offers a different set of challenges. 

The move to a more sustainable approach to construction and infrastructure is speeding up with the launch of a climate reduction focused building performance system, changes to government procurement rules, and a greater recognition of carbon costs and offsets. 

Envirocon has long been a leader in sustainability, having launched our Product Stewardship Scheme accredited by the Minister for the Environment, in 2015. Since then we’ve upcycled over 126,000 tonnes of concrete into high quality precast concrete block systems. These block systems have been used, and reused, throughout New Zealand and Australia to build faster, stronger, safer bulk storage and retaining wall structures. 

Envirocon Product Stewardship - Pouring Excess Concrete into Interbloc Mould

But we’ve got a wider story to tell, and it's never been more relevant. 

Our systems are low carbon, zero waste, and build ready.  Interbloc and Stonebloc precast wall systems deliver a more practical, tangible approach to sustainability. They tick all the right boxes, while allowing you to continue business as usual. 

This year we’ll be launching a new way to tell our carbon smart sustainability story…stay tuned.

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