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Launching our Temporary Slip Protection Wall System

Landslips are a common feature of New Zealand’s 100,000km of roading network, and often affect roads which play a vital role in the day to day lives of local communities. A recent news report put the average number of landslips at 1100 per year - and that's just in Wellington!

Landslip New Zealand

(Landslips cause havoc on many New Zealand roads)

When adverse weather events result in landslips, it is essential roading contractors can rapidly clear the landslip and then temporarily contain any supplementary slips while long term solutions can be developed.

Interbloc’s Temporary Slip Protection Wall System provides this safe and effective protection wall from supplementary slips. It is designed to bridge the time gap between the initial clean up and the development of a long term solution - allowing local communities to recover faster.

The blocks can be centrally stored for rapid deployment. Two labour units can build up to 120m2 of wall per day using standard equipment. The wall system is backed by code compliant engineering and a generic PS1 will be issued on purchase. When the wall is no longer required, it can be non-destructively dismantled and returned for storage to be reused over and over.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Quick Install Time
  • Code Compliant and Backed by PS1
  • Non-Destructive Dismantle and Reusable
  • CarbonSmart® - Low Carbon, Zero Waste
  • Aesthetic options available
Interbloc’s Temporary Slip Protection wall system is designed to be simple to deploy, deconstruct, and reuse.
  • The system is sold as a package in lineal metres with the option between the practical Interbloc wall system, and a higher aesthetic Stonebloc option.
  • A generic PS1 for the design is issued on order covering a specific region and specific customer.
  • The blocks are shipped to a location of the customer's choice for storage until required.
  • Following a slip, initial remediation is undertaken and the Protection Wall System rapidly deployed to protect against supplementary slips.
  • When no longer required, the wall system is non-destructively dismantled and returned to storage for reuse.

Interbloc Slip Protection Wall Being Installed

Case Study: Liveable Streets East Auckland

Liveable Streets is a joint venture between HEB Construction and Higgins Contracting. Early in 2022 heavy rains resulted in landslides in Whitford, Auckland. With further heavy rains expected, there was an immediate threat to property. There was also the added potential risk of damage to nearby power/utility lines which needed to be considered in the solution’s design. To keep the residents and community safe, a protection wall needed to be erected, fast. Interbloc Precast Concrete Wall System was chosen. When compared to the other options - timber and gabion baskets - it was a no brainer. Both legacy construction systems were too slow to install. In contrast Interbloc allowed for rapid deployment, with trucks rolling in one after the other offloading blocks which were installed in real time. In just 4 days, 337 blocks were installed to build a wall 2.4m high and 20.4m long.

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