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Two Sustainable Solutions to Suit Any Project

We understand that navigatingsustainable practices in construction can be time-consuming and confusing. This is why we take care of sustainability for you. By specifying Envirocon's interlocking blocks, designers and construction companies can immediately earnsustainability accreditations for their clients. They’ll also save time and money - which are two common roadblocks to becoming more environmentally friendly.

A complete sustainability solution for construction

More than simply a construction product manufacturer, theEnvirocon Product Stewardship scheme offers a complete circular economy. This end-to-end solution includes:
  • Wet excess concrete collection and recycling
  • Structural design and specification services for every project
  • Modular precast concrete construction
  • Reporting and support for earning sustainability accreditations
  • Easy end-of-life management, including an optional buy-back scheme
  • Lower labour inputs – reusable modular efficiencies for building and construction

And to better meet the needs of our customers, there are two product solutions to suit your project.


Designed for faster, stronger, and safer construction, the Interbloc range of 600mm interlocking concrete blocks connect to form a modular wall system. This system provides the flexibility of bricks with the speed of precast construction, making a super-strong structure.
  • Two people can build up to 160 square metres of wall a day.
  • These stackable modular blocks can reduce a build time by 30-50% over traditional wall systems such as tilt-slab and timber.
  • The blocks are completely reusable.
This provides flexibility and residual value when needs change or the structure is no longer required.

The complete range includes 600mm, 1200mm and 1800mm wide standard interlocking blocks. There are also flat bottom, flat top, angled, and peaked capper designs.

The list of applications for this system is steadily growing. Supported by the Envirocon custom design and specification service, common applications already include:

While primarily a gravity-based system with a comprehensive shear key in both horizontal directions, the out-of-plane bending capacity of theInterbloc walls can be further enhanced using a couple of common reinforcing techniques:
  • Vertical steel reinforcement – tying the wall together and into the underlying foundation using vertical steel reinforcing bars to create a cantilever wall
  • Geogrid – tying the wall into the retained material using cast in geogrid to create a mechanically stabilised wall


Our residential retaining wall range Stonebloc has a great aesthetic finish, which adds a uniquely timeless look to large residential developments.

These precast blocks stack and lock together with ease. With little building expertise required, two labourers can build up to 120 square metres of wall in a day - saving developers time and money. Compared to alternative retaining wall systems, Stonebloc can offer cost savings of up to 32%.

The Stonebloc range includes 400mm and 800mm standard blocks. There are also base blocks, flat top blocks, an angle block, and a 200mm wide capper.

Like all Envirocon blocks,Stonebloc is made from high-quality, excess ready mix concrete that would otherwise go to landfill. Its strong modular design means the walls can be easily moved or changed in the future, especially useful for accessing services that need repair behind retaining walls.The blocks can even be unstacked and resold back to Envirocon when no longer required.Our two block options are currently being used across a wide variety of projects in New Zealand. What makes it so rewarding is knowing that they are making a positive impact on our environment by allowing users to easily participate in the circular economy.Pleasecontact us if you want to find out more about how our products could suit your construction project.

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