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Comparison of Concrete Block Prices for Retaining Walls

The Envirocon range of concrete blocks offer an excellent solution when pricing retaining structures in New Zealand, from permanent load bearing walls to temporary bunds to architectural retaining configurations.

The beauty of our precast concrete block system is that we give you the option of non-destructive dismantling - when one task has been completed, you can easily dismantle the wall and re-use the blocks for your next structure - or you can use our Buyback Guarantee to return them. That alone makes the price of our concrete blocks more than competitive.

Besides, using concrete blocks for shear walls or low-rise retaining is always a great decision.


As the graph below shows, our commercial concrete blocks (the Interbloc range) offer you significant cost, time and assembly advantages when compared to other material choices.

Interbloc concrete block retaining wall install time comparison

Gabions, precast tilt-slab, masonry or timber load bearing walls cannot compete with Interbloc on a price per square metre basis – and the savings are even more significant when labour costs to build the structure are taken into account.

Interbloc takes approx. 40 minutes per square meter for two people to build. The graph demonstrates the time savings we deliver, which often translates directly into cost savings of around 30-60%. This means a cost per square metre of wall well below that of alternative solutions like timber and masonry. Our estimators are able to offer comprehensive advice and prices should you need them.

We help asset owners enjoy the advantages of competitive pricing for initial wall construction. They appreciate the advantages of being able to break the blocks down and re-assemble them elsewhere, be that on another aspect of the same project or at another site altogether. When clients are keen to be truly part of the circular economy, they’re able to use our Buyback Guarantee and return them to us (pricing is dependent on condition) – further offsetting purchase costs.

Interbloc concrete blocks come in a range of sizes, and are all 600mm thick. The secret of their success is great design, including a robust interlocking shear key which makes assembly fast, straightforward, self-aligning - and exceptionally strong. Our block walls can be engineered to meet Building Code requirements if your project requires it.


For lower retaining walls (up to 2.4 metres) our Stonebloc range is likely to be more suitable than Interbloc for your project, and -offers excellent value especially for your residential project.

Concrete blocks generally are a popular choice for construction of New Zealand retaining walls, with many preferring them to timber.

The Stonebloc concrete block system, like its bigger Interbloc cousins combines simple, rapid assembly with excellent shear strength, delivering you impressive benefits.

We find that most people prefer the durability and look of concrete retaining walls and love their modular design, but think that timber is more cost effective - which it can be unless Stonebloc concrete blocks are specified. Stonebloc delivers the benefits of concrete blocks at a price point similar to timber’s.

Each Stonebloc is 400mm thick solid concrete, again using our unique design and interlocking shear key, and offering you a range of eight sizes and shapes. Soil and moisture cannot leach through a Stonebloc retaining wall when combined with a correctly installed, geomembrane lining.

Speed of construction can also be a plus for projects operating within an already built up area. Construction noise and disturbance is an ongoing issue for project managers as well as surrounding residents/tenants, and more and more companies appreciate the speed of construction that our Stonebloc retaining system offers. Contractors can be in and out of a site much more quickly when Stonebloc has been specified.

Contact Envirocon to compare our pricing with other retaining wall solutions for your next project.

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