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A Tour Around our Christchurch Yard

In the wake of the pandemic, the cost of materials, freight, and resources have been a concern for many in the construction industry. With the ever-growing demand coming from the South Island, Envirocon came up with a solution that would meet the growing demand for concrete blocks in the area and decrease freight costs.

Our Christchurch yard has its own manufacturing facilities; it is a self-sufficient plant which allows us to minimise the costs, time and simplify processes. This positively impacts our South Island partners and their growing businesses.

We have put together a list of the benefits.

Freight Cost

This yard is a great solution for cost and time efficiency. An important point of our regional strategy is to begin manufacturing closer to customers to reduce freight costs.

The Christchurch yard can even serve lower North Island orders if the process is feasible and more cost effective than North Island freight.

More Stock

With the new yard, we can produce and expand our stock of concrete blocks to meet the demand and needs of more customers and contractors. Many have expressed their concern about our stock in the North Island yards “flying out the door” because of the high demand. The development of our yard in Christchurch will ensure everyone has access to our concrete blocks when you require them, we have increased the production of our concrete blocks. You will not have to wait as long for more to concrete blocks to be manufactured before dispatch.

(Blocks stacked, ready for delivery in the Christchurch Yard)

Both Interbloc and Stonebloc

The Christchurch yard has the capacity and resources to manufacture both the Interbloc and Stonebloc ranges. However, the majority of Stonebloc stock currently still comes from Auckland. We use moulds to produce our interlocking concrete blocks by pouring in high-quality wet, excess concrete. Once the blocks are set within the moulds, we take them out, and leave them for several
days to continue setting before they are ready for dispatch. The yard has a large roof cover, perfect for pouring concrete into the moulds when it’s raining. 

(Concrete being poured into Interbloc moulds)

The expansion of the self-sufficient Christchurch yard offers those in the South Island and lower North Island the chance to acquire their Interbloc and Stonebloc faster while not compromising on the cost. Envirocon is also developing yards of matching capacity in Timaru and Cromwell. So, keep an eye out for updates on this exciting news!

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