November 08, 2021 2 min read

Stonebloc Combines Solid Financial Benefits with Excellent Placemaking Performance

Williams Corporation has a reputation for developing high quality, affordable homes throughout Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. In ten years of operations, Christchurch based Williams Corporation has grown to be one of NZ’s largest residential developers.

The secret to their success is the ability to maximise land utilisation, focusing on high density infill housing. Stonebloc has proven to be an excellent retaining wall system to accommodate this type of building. Stonebloc walls can be built vertically on the boundary and deliver unparalleled durability at a price point similar to timber walls

When Williams Corporation developed nine dwellings on an 800sqm site at St Leonards Road, Kelston, Auckland their long term civil contractors DiggersNZ were able to install the walls. DiggersNZ is a national company specialising in foundation excavations, site cuts, backfills, trenching and more. Doing away with the need to bring in specialists retaining wall contractors, Stonebloc provided Diggers NZ with the flexibility to progressively build walls as required. 

Mike Hawke is DiggersNZ Project Site Manager and like Williams Corporation, he’s a fan of the Stonebloc system. “We’re familiar with the principles involved with assembling Stonebloc,” he said. The solid concrete blocks can be stacked easily and need neither glues nor grouts to hold them in place, meaning a standalone gravity wall can be constructed very quickly – saving assembly time and maximising value for money. 

Each Stonebloc is 400mm thick solid concrete, and similar to well-engineered LEGO it uses a unique design and interlocking shear key for an exceptionally robust wall. The textured fascia of Stonebloc comes in a range of patterns, providing visual interest and positive placemaking for both residents and visitors. 

“Stonebloc is a win-win system”, explains Jack Bright from Envirocon. “It’s a win for developers as it delivers a superior wall system at, or close to, a timber price point. It’s a win for council’s as it delivers a resilient structure that can be non-destructively dismantled in the future for maintenance or access to utilities. It's a win for civil contractors as it's a locally manufactured, high productivity system.”

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