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Stonebloc vs Gabion

Stonebloc is a modular gravity based retaining wall system and is often used as a substitute for the more traditional Gabion basket system - another gravity based wall system. In this blog we’ll provide an overview of Gabion baskets and how it differs from Stonebloc. 

About Gabion Walls

Gabion Wall

The word “Gabion'' has Italian origins, meaning big cage. Gabion Walls serve either a decorative or functional purpose. They feature a large metal cage filled with rock and stone (Ilker, 2016). Like all modular gravity wall systems, they are very flexible and are able to withstand movements from undercutting or land slippage. 

Gabion walls tend to be used on road reserve areas at the subdivision level of development, or for supporting heavier civil infrastructure. One of the perceived benefits of Gabion baskets is the on site fabrication and placement of stones. In contrast to this, a limitation of Gabion is its inability to accommodate land deformation or provide landslide remediation.  

About Stonebloc

Stonebloc Retaining Wall

Stonebloc is a gravity retaining wall system. At the heart of the system is a solid concrete retaining wall block with a unique interlocking design which provides a shear key in both horizontal directions. This means Stonebloc retaining blocks lock together with ease.

Stonebloc is designed around the concept of timeless retaining - fast installation with minimal labour input, future proofed aesthetics, and comprehensive engineering.

Stonebloc was designed to fill a gap in the New Zealand retaining wall market by combining these benefits into a single product and construction system. 

The result is a system that delivers the speed and durability of precast concrete at a timber price point.

Stonebloc and Gabion Quick Comparison Table





Compacted gravel foundation

Compacted gravel foundation

Installation Process

Stack blocks like LEGO®

Construct cages onsite and fill with stones


Free slowing drainage material and drainage coil

Free slowing drainage material and drainage coil


Solid concrete blocks with 100yr design life 

Galvanized steel cages 

End of life

Non-destructive dismantle and reuse

Recycling aggregate

Structural capability

400-800mm thick Gravity walls with option to reinforce with geogrid to create MSE wall

1m-3m thick gravity walls


While Stonebloc is not the only gravity wall system available on the market, we argue its unique combination of features and benefits ensure it is the best option. While Gabion traditionally has fulfilled an important role in retaining, its lack of resilience handicaps it in a world increasingly focused on smart resource use.

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