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Introducing Stonebloc Training for Contractors

We’ve launched a Stonebloc Contractor's Training Programme, and on the 20th of April, we had our first session. In that week, Solid Landscape Solutions Ltd, RVT Construction, RF Masonry, and First Civil all learned how to build a 11.2m long, 1.4m high Stonebloc retaining wall.

In these sessions, we demonstrate to contractors how Stonebloc is the fast-to-install, cost-effective retaining wall solution.

Why we’re offering training

Stonebloc is experiencing rapid growth in demand and we need external contractors to install retaining walls. In partnering with experienced contractors, we’re able to focus on manufacturing high quality blocks and developing robust innovative engineering, while contractors do what they do best - install great looking walls, fast.


During a training session we cover:
  • Key uses and the markets targeted
  • Block types, weights, and dimensions
  • Preparing the site (Running a string line, levelling fines, etc)
  • Placing the first block & second base blocks
  • Using the Stonebloc Template
  • Placing more blocks / second and third layers
  • Stacking the blocks
  • Dismantling the wall

These training sessions are held at our contractors training area located in our Penrose, Auckland factory. For those who need to brush up on their Stonebloc knowledge, there is also an online course you can do. 

To give you a better idea of the Stonebloc system, listen to James tell you about Stonebloc’s installation.


What Contractors Think of the Training Programme

RVT Construction

"The training session the RVT team had was really insightful into the development and work that has gone into the Stonebloc product, so much easier and aesthetically pleasing than a timber wall. I would definitely recommend this system over a traditional timber retaining wall . They are far more durable and no need to paint or cover with plants as it looks really smart."

- Robbie Van Tiel

Solid Landscape Solutions

“We really enjoyed working with the blocks and look forward to starting new projects”

- Peter Rogers

First Civil

“The Stonebloc system is good, the blocks are nice to work with and the end product looks goood. Our boys enjoyed it and are looking forward to working with them again.”

-Rhys Faleafa

How to get involved

If you’re interested in becoming a Stonebloc Contractor, get in touch today. We’ll work alongside you to make sure you get projects you’re interested in.

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