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Introducing Stonebloc MSE Walls

Stonebloc is excited to announce the addition of a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) reinforcing option. This innovation in design capability for Stonebloc walls allow you to build higher, and sustain greater loads. In fact our customers' first lot of Stonebloc MSE walls are 5m high with a 24 kPa surcharge!

What is an MSE Wall?

A Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) retaining wall is a composite structure consisting of alternating layers of compacted backfill and soil reinforcement elements, fixed to a wall facing. The stability of the wall system comes from the interaction between the backfill and soil refinements, involving friction and tension. The wall facing is relatively thin, with the primary purpose of preventing erosion of the structural backfill. This results in a structure that is flexible with the ability to carry a variety of heavy loads. It is also a fairly orthodox design approach, often used for large public infrastructure projects.

MSE walls tie the Stonebloc wall elements (the individual blocks), to the retained soil using synthetic geogrid. In the case of Stonebloc, this will be most used for tall retaining walls (Above 2m and above 12kPa).

(Synthetic Geogrid)

MSE is a cost-effective, and stronger solution when building retaining walls with large loadings. There are numerous different MSE systems out on the market, however only Stonebloc MSE walls combine speed of installation (including eliminating the need for bracing the face panels), with customisable aesthetics.

Benefits of an MSE Wall:

  • Bearing pressure is distributed over a wide foundation area
  • Extreme wall heights can be achieved
  • Extreme loads can be carrier (bridge abutment footings, cars)
  • High resistance to earthquakes and other dynamic forces
  • Free-draining, due to granular backfill and open panel joints
  • Very versatile. Special design can allow for nearly any configuration
  • Rapid, predictable, and repetitive construction
  • Superior finished wall alignment

Wide Shot of a Stonebloc MSE Wall

(Stonebloc MSE Wall Forming a Culvert)

How Stonebloc’s MSE Wall Works

Synthetic geogrid is embedded into Stonebloc blocks at the production stage. Usually, the geogrid is cast in the block during manufacturing with an exposed tail.

When building, the exposed geogrid is tied to more geogrid, which sits separately from the wall. The backfill and soil is compacted as the wall is built. 

Interested in building a Stonebloc MSE wall? Get in touch with us!

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