Retaining Walls

A Unique Combination of Speed of Install, Sustainability and Affordability

The Stonebloc retaining wall system delivers a unique combination of speed of install, strength, sustainability, and affordability. At the heart of the system is a unique concrete block. The interlocking design on the block means the blocks self align and lock together. This provides a sheer key in both horizontal directions. At 300kg each, Stonebloc is a gravity wall system which can be easily reinforced post installation to create a cantilever wall.

The sandstone finish on the blocks ensures a timeless aesthetic which complements and enhances the surrounding environment. Choose Stonebloc, New Zealand’s greenest retaining wall system.

Why Choose Stonebloc?

  • Interlocking walls made of 400mm thick concrete blocks.
  • Range of patterns available.
  • Fast to erect on site, up to 120m2 of wall per day.
  • Labour efficient – two people to install.
  • Can be expanded upon easily as needs arise.
  • Fully engineered system.

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