Silage Bunkers

With over ten years’ experience, and 250 feed storage bins around New Zealand, Interbloc delivers storage solutions that work.

Modern, productive farming require the use of expensive supplementary feed. Maize silage is one example of this. Incorrect storage of supplementary feed results in unnecessary wastage, in some cases up to 25% – this is an expensive problem.

Interbloc’s silage bunkers are designed specifically for the modern farming environment. We understand that not all farmers are the same. That’s why Interbloc offers Interbloc Designer, a solution which provides you the opportunity to customise the bunker to suit your special requirements. All Interbloc silage bunkers retain the flexibility to change the capacity and configuration of the bin with ease. A 400 tonne bin can be increased to 450 tonne by simply adding an extra layer of blocks.

Why Choose Interbloc?

  • Durable Solid Concrete Blocks
  • Very Fast To Erect
  • Range of Reinforcing Techniques
  • Engineered System
  • Easy To Modify or Dismantle In The Future
  • Proven Industry Experience

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We recently purchased Interbloc Blocks and the whole process from initial contact to delivery and installation was a breeze. The team at Interbloc were helpful, prompt and even when I increased our order after half the blocks had been delivered it wasn't a problem. The Interbloc locking system makes it easy to construct and an end product that looks great. Thanks to Dion & the team a pleasure doing business.
Darren Harris
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