Scrap Metal

Not all scrap metal is equal, in an industry where scrap metal values are volatile, sorting and grading of scrap metal is increasingly important.
The Interbloc system delivers flexible, durable, engineered storage solutions. At the heart of the Interbloc system is a unique interlocking mass concrete block which offers our customers unrivalled ability to modify structures with ease to suit their changing capacity requirements. This makes your operation more efficient, delivering bottom line results.

Creating defined zones where scrap is dumped and then sorted is also of high importance. Scrap volumes can fluctuate. Therefore a flexible way to store and manage scrap is important.

The Interbloc system delivers a unique set of features:

  • Interlocking walls made of 600mm thick concrete blocks.
  • Fast to erect on site, up to 48m of wall 2.4m high per day.
  • Can be expanded upon easily as needs arise.
  • Bins can be sealed to weather tight.
  • Automatic Sliding Roof options are available for weather protection.

Key benefits of the Interbloc System are:

  • Interbloc’s unique Buyback Scheme.
  • Heavy duty, proven solutions you can rely on.
  • Flexibility to change the configuration of the bins as needed.
  • Industry standard measurements allow for efficient bin design.
  • Increase the capacity of storage requirements by simple adding another layer.
  • Achieve the benefits of a permanent solution without losing flexibility.

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