Interbloc has been providing specialised bulk storage and containment solutions to NZ quarries for over ten years.

The Interbloc system delivers flexible, durable, engineered storage solutions. At the heart of the Interbloc system is a unique interlocking mass concrete block which offers our customers unrivalled ability to modify structures with ease to suit their changing capacity requirements. This makes your operation more efficient, delivering bottom line results.

Interbloc also understands quarry environments are harsh at the best of times with any hazards as the landscape moves and changes with extraction. Upper most in many quarry operators minds is safety.

Why Choose Interbloc?

  • Durable Solid Concrete Blocks
  • Very Fast To Erect
  • Range of Reinforcing Techniques
  • Engineered System
  • Easy To Modify or Dismantle In The Future

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"It’s efficient, reliable, and flexible – that is why we choose Interbloc. And the service is excellent."


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