Settlement Ponds

“The flexibility of Interbloc made this an easy option…With these short time frames, Interbloc was the quickest and most cost-effective option.”


The durability and flexibility of the Interbloc system makes it perfectly suited to the construction of both temporary and permanent settlement ponds.

The solid and durable Interbloc blocks form a super-strong structure with a unique ability to modify the configurations of the pond at any stage. This is especially useful in large infrastructure projects where the structure needs to be removed on completion. At the end of life, the blocks can be on-sold, or make use of Interbloc’s unique Buyback Guarantee.

The blocks can be sealed watertight using a variety of methods which provides flexibility to suit the requirements of the site and project.

Why Choose Interbloc?

  • Durable Solid Concrete Blocks
  • Very Fast To Erect
  • Blocks Can Be Sealed Water Tight
  • Unique Buyback Guarantee
  • Engineered System
  • Easy To Modify In The Future
Great product & great service - highly recommend Interbloc
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