Interbloc’s unique combination of durability and flexibility makes it an invaluable product for civil applications such as culverts. The speed of build and durability of the structure make it a perfect product to build culverts.

At the heart of the Interbloc system is a unique interlocking mass concrete block which offers our customers unrivalled ability to modify structures with ease to suit their changing capacity requirements. This makes your operation more efficient, delivering bottom line results.

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The Interbloc system delivers a unique set of features and benefits:

  • Fast to erect on site, up to 140m2 high per day.
  • Fully Engineered System.
  • Interlocking walls made of 600mm thick concrete blocks.
  • Heavy duty, proven solutions you can rely on.
  • Industry standard measurements allow for efficient bin design.
Interbloc Culvert
Great product & great service - highly recommend Interbloc
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