At Envirocon, quality is at the heart of everything we do. Quality in product design means our precast concrete products deliver a combination of speed, strength, and safety unique in the construction industry. It also means our manufacturing has unrivaled durability. We understand every customer has different needs, and delivering blocks that meet those specific needs assures quality service. 

To better reflect this commitment to our customers, we’ve refreshed our quality control guidelines. 

An Envirocon quote will now specify the minimum characteristics blocks needed to ensure they suit the specific needs of your project.

Block Characteristics:

Minimum 20Mpa: All blocks used in a structural application need to have a mPa of 20 or higher. If a specific mPa is required, we can manufacture to order. 

Reinforcing Ducts: If vertical reinforcing is required in a wall, we’ll provide blocks with reinforcing ducts.

Dimensional Accuracy: Structures over 1.8m high need a higher level of dimensional accuracy, this means each block will have less than 3mm variation in dimensional accuracy. Lower height structures, bollards, and counterweights allow for greater tolerances. 

Aesthetic: Some chipping in blocks is unavoidable, especially during transport. When we specify the aesthetic of the block we mean it will meet the following requirements at dispatch: Block chipping is less than 10mm wide or 10mm deep. No more than two edges with chipping on either face of the block. No gaps or air bubbles on the face of the block.

Lifting Anchor: Not all projects require a lifting anchor – in fact, on some projects it’s desirable not to have one. We’ll specify whether your blocks can be lifted using a lifting anchor, or whether the forklift ducts located at the bottom of the block are sufficient. We also have a gravity lifter available for hire. 

Single Colour: There are natural and manufacturing variations in the colour of concrete. When we specify a single colour we mean all blocks will have the same colour, however, there may still be slight variations in the shade.  

Single Pour: Due to the manufacturing process, some blocks are made up of two different pours. Multiple pour blocks are better suited to low height walls and counterweights.

Seconds Blocks

Every manufacturing process results in errors. Envirocon is no different, and we sell seconds to select customers for specific applications. Second’s blocks carry no warranty. There are two specific block characteristics which will automatically classify a block as a second:

Concrete MPa: Will be less than 20MPa

Lifting Anchor: No lifting anchor warranty.


The quality of the block is measured at dispatch. Envirocon will not take any responsibility for damage during transport or unloading.

As per Envirocon’s Terms of Sale, remedial action for block quality disputes is the replacement of blocks.


The movement of the truck while in transit can result in minor chipping of the blocks. This is largely unavoidable, however, in cases where it is essential to maintain the aesthetics of the block, blocks can be loaded on a truck with greater space between each block. This will result in increased freight costs. Customers who require this service should discuss this with their Envirocon rep.

At Envirocon we make every effort to minimize chipping. For this reason, we require flat-bottom blocks to be loaded on dunnage.

Envirocon does not take responsibility for chipping of blocks in transit, or during the offloading of blocks by the customer.

"Interbloc is a company with a proven record of doing things correctly, they have formed many significant partnerships in the construction industry and we are happy to be included in that group."
Alwyn van der Linde


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