Stonebloc Installation Template (Double)

Install Faster with the Stonebloc Template 

Stonebloc is a residential retaining wall system designed to deliver timeless retaining.

At the heart of the Stonebloc system is a mass concrete block that stacks together in a running bond format to deliver fast, durable, great-looking walls.

This template is a must for installation.  Using the template will make installation faster, allowing for a higher level of accuracy. It measures 735 x 735 mm. It's predominantly used for the Stonebloc 800 Base Block. 

By using the template, your first base level of blocks will be set. It is vital to get this correct to ensure the rest of the build is stable and accurate. By using the template, your foundation layer will be set correctly, ensuring the blocks you add on top will connect easily. 

What can I use this for?