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8 Ways To Get A Smoother Delivery

Envirocon’s delivery service is a great option for those looking for a convenient way to get our blocks to the site. Envirocon freight can be delivered with flexible dates and can help reduce costs.

We have put together a list of our top tips for a smooth delivery of blocks. Applying these tips will help reduce the time of unloading blocks while ensuring everyone’s health and safety. These tips will also help make the dispatch process as easy as possible, even when sites are trickier to access.

Check the Truck

Before we organise dispatch of the blocks, ensure your contractor has checked that an average- width truck (about 2.55 metres) can access the site. You can do this by requesting your contractor to visit the site and by providing them with accurate information. This is important as the contractor then informs the Envirocon Sales and Dispatch Teams. Doing this check will help the ensure the most efficient and timely delivery. You don’t want to find the truck cannot fit into the site after we have sent the blocks!

However, if you find the truck cannot access the site, you will need to request a small vehicle, such as a forklift or excavator, to bring the blocks from the truck to the location.

The Type of Truck Matters

Take the time to plan the type of truck you will need, considering the size, your order tonnage, and accessibility of the site. This will help reduce back and forth of communication between you and us. For example, if you have limited space, you would want to avoid using a curtain sider. Different trucks will be able to carry different max tonnage and it is important to understand not every truck will suit every project, order, or site.

Some of the common truck tonnages are 10, 14, and 28T. Our Envirocon trucks allow for a tonnage capacity of between 10 and 14 tonnes. 

Envirocon Trucks Ready to Start Dispatch

(Envirocon trucks ready to start dispatch)

The Gradient is Important

The gradient, or the steepness of the site, is important because it may inhibit the delivery and construction of the structures. A site that is too steep will make it difficult for a truck to access. It also risks safety of the drivers and those on site, given the heavy weight of blocks. Furthermore, if a gradient is too steep, there is a risk of the truck tipping, creating another safety concern. We do not want to risk any accidents or someone getting hurt. So if you do have a steep gradient on your site, let us know. We'll work with you to find a solution.


Check for Other Factors that Could Affect Site Access

Remember, an entire truck must be able to access the site for the delivery of the blocks to proceed and be successful. Before the truck dispatches, “sweep” the site and check to see if anything else could make the site inaccessible to a truck. For example, narrow access and overgrown trees.

Also, make sure your driveway has been completely sealed. Unsealed driveways make delivery difficult, of course, since a truck needs to drive onto the site. You don't want the truck to sink into the soft concrete.

Unsealed vs Sealed Driveway

Following from this, make sure you unload the blocks onto solid ground. Do not place the blocks on soft, wet soil or ground.

Sufficient Storage Space

Stonebloc pallets are large and can take up a lot of space at an area of 1m2 per pallet. Before you unload the pallets, make sure you have selected and organised a large enough space to store the blocks between the installation process.


Pallet Placement

Speedy and efficient installation is one of our primary goals as it reduces labour and makes the process more cost-effective. If you can place the pallets along the length of the planned wall, this will reduce the time to construct the wall. This is because it reduces double handling and the additional manual labour of moving blocks more than necessary.

Consider Delivery Time

When you place a delivery order with Envirocon, your Envirocon representative and Envirocon’s freight supplier will help you organise your delivery date. Try to book your delivery date as soon as possible. This will ensure you can avoid any unnecessary delays, helping you construct the wall sooner.

Dispatch, delivery and unloading of Envirocon’s concrete blocks can be a simple, stress-free procedure so long as you're prepared. It is important to ensure the site is accessible and meets the requirements to avoid any delays and extra costs.

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