Our Story

The New Zealand Ready Mix Concrete Industry generates an estimated 260,000 tonnes of waste concrete annually. Thats enough concrete to build seven Sky Towers. It is a significant waste stream which has proved difficult to deal with, until now. 

Envirocon is a product stewardship scheme accredited by the Minister for the Environment under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. The Scheme provides a sustainable end of life management solution for ready mix concrete waste. It is the only accredited construction related scheme. 

The aim of the Scheme is to eliminate all waste created through the concrete batching process - that is, wet waste ready mix concrete, washout fines, and waste water. The Scheme specifically excludes demolition waste concrete.

Upcycling is a key prinicple of the Envirocon Scheme. Upcycling is about using waste products to produce value added goods. Envirocon achieves this by capturing wet concrete and turning it into the unique Interbloc Modular Wall System. Through upcycling, Envirocon can halt the inflation of disposal costs, develop more efficient collection systems, and help create a more sustainable construction industry. 

Scheme members have set ambitious goals - to grow waste diverted to 80,000 tonnes per annum by 2022. The Scheme will achieve this goal, and others, by developing world first technology. The Scheme will reduce carbon intensive recycling methods and truck movements, while creating new employment opporunities and export revenue. 

Envirocon is a collaboration of some of New Zealand's leading ready mix concrete brands - Allied Concrete, Holcim Concrete, and Stevenson Concrete. New members, and casual participants are always welcome. The involvement of members in this voluntary, comprehensive environmental initiative is testament to their organisations commitment to sustainable growth and local communities. Developers, constructors, designers, and regulators can support the Envirocon Scheme by supporting our Members.