Support the Scheme 

Envirocon is a industry based, voluntary scheme. Members have joined the Envirocon Scheme because they want to improve the environmental performance of there organisations. Involvement in this scheme is testament to their sincere commiment to sustainable growth and local communications. 

Every person has a role to play in improving sustainability. Often this role is in choosing who to procure goods and services from. You can support the Envirocon Scheme by supporting our Members. 

   Construction Contractors:

Construction, civil, and infrastructure contractors can support the Scheme by purchasing ready mix concrete from our members. Alternatively you can specify that your Ready Mix supplier provide evidence of an end of life management solution for the waste generated from your project. Often there is no difference in charges between suppliers with an end of life management solution, and ones who don't.

   Developers and Owners:

Developers and owners, including local and central government, can mandate concrete is supplied by companies who are Envirocon members or companies that have end of life management plans for waste generated from your projects. Often there is no differnece in charges between suppliers, requiring Product Stewardship of waste products will not result in cost increases.

   Engineers and Specifiers

Engineers, architects and other specifiers can support the scheme by informing customers about product stewardship, mandating for product stewardship in tender documents and RFT's, and by mentioning Product Stewardship in project plans.